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Veterinary Business Loan

Veterinary Business Loan

Are you looking for alternative ways to finance your practice?

Beginning a career as an animal doctor is exciting, no doubt, but securing a veterinary business equipment loan can be more nerve bending than delivering a preemie colt!  In a world where just the schooling for becoming a vet can cost over $200,000, the expense  for medical equipment can be daunting to downright discouraging. Dreams of making sick animals well and bringing smiles to the faces of loving owners can be quickly extinguished when the financial facts of the dream go up against harsh realities. Things such as a lack of credit history, little professional experience and perhaps even a credit card mistake while you were a grad student can sound the death knell for a veterinary business equipment loan.

If you are a newly graduated veterinary doctor, you are one of the brightest and best.  It’s not easy to get into vet school. There are many applications, but very few are chosen because the openings are so limited. You have handled squirming pups, clawing kittens, perhaps even been kicked by an irate horse and gotten right down in the face of an iguana or two. You have paid your dues and now you may be facing the biggest challenge of all: getting your practice going. The financial times in the early part of this 21st century are not kind to career dreams to say the least. The “go to” money fountains of brick and mortar banks no longer look kindly on even more healthy credit scores, instead focusing on only the healthiest and robust of credit histories.

But there is good news for those vet school students who are perhaps overwhelmed by worries about the immediate future after graduation. A veterinary business equipment loan is now available here at First Capital Business Finance for the supplies you need to get your business to the next level. Ultrasound machines can cost $50,000 and a patient table that is stainless steel for easy cleanup can cost $3000.00.  One pair of cartilage scissors can be $70.00 and how about a used mobile light for $4000.00?  Think about all the equipment a vet uses in a day’s work… the list of needed tools and supplies even for a small start-up practice could easily cost $75-100,000!

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Veterinary Equipment Loans Can Help

Here at First Capital Business Finance we are ready to help you see your dreams of a thriving veterinary practice become a reality. Veterinary business and equipment loans help you in a ton of ways, and allow you to give better care quicker!

With the cost of necessary and required equipment being so steep, think about what First Capital Business Finance can do for you as you seek a veterinary business equipment loan:

·    A sympathetic ear for lower credit scores

·    2-5 year windows for loan repayment

·    Fast approval

·    No mountains of paperwork

·    A loan officer who understands the hurdles the small business owner must traverse

Call us – the friendly people at First Capital Business Finance! You will discover our team is friendly and knowledgeable, and will help you address any concerns you may have.  You could be ordering that x-ray machine the day you walk down the graduation aisle.

If you would like to speak to one of our business development managers, please call us at 888-565-6692!

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