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Step into the world of Trailer Title Loans with First Capital – your gateway to unlocking the equity in your trailer for financial empowerment.

Trailers are essential assets for businesses and individuals alike, and we recognize the value they hold. At First Capital, we offer Trailer Title Loans designed to provide you with the financial flexibility you need. Whether you’re a business owner seeking capital or an individual looking to navigate financial challenges, our Trailer Title Loans offer a streamlined solution to leverage the equity in your trailer.

Use the Equity in Your Trailer to Get Some Working Capital!

First Capital Business Finance understands the demand for capital in the trucking industry. Whether it’s unexpected repairs, slow-paying receivables, or just some cash for operating expenses, we can provide you with the cash you need in days!  It’s easy. Don’t worry about your credit. No matter your situation, First Capital wants to help. We have the ability to get you the cash if you hold the title to your trailer, truck, and even heavy equipment! Even if you have bad credit, we have programs that work off the equity of your collateral.

Trailer Title Loan

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Our Process:

Simply complete our one-page application and provide copies of the title for the truck or trailer being used as collateral. You can download our application on our “Contact Us” page.  Fax the application and the title(s) to 888-762-0002 and you’ll receive a phone call once we have received your application.
Types of Trailers:
We work with all types of heavy equipment, trucks, and trailers, including the following:

Refrigerated Trailers: These trailers are specially designed with insulated bodies to maintain the temperature of the items inside. They haul temperature-sensitive items while keeping humidity low with their refrigeration system. Items often carried by “reefer” trailers include food, photography products, chemicals, medical supplies, blood, and computers. They can also carry dry items, too!

Pneumatic Tankers: This type of trailer has a large body that empties via a pump and forced air. These pneumatic trailers often carry food, chemicals, and building supplies.

Flatbed Trailers: A flatbed trailer’s name is literal, as the bed of this trailer is flat. This type of trailer is meant for objects that don’t require full enclosure in a van or large truck. Another benefit of flatbeds is that they allow for cargo that is unusually shaped or very large. Things like construction supplies are a good example. Flatbeds allow cranes and other equipment to easily grab cargo from the trailer.

Extendable Flatbed Trailers: Just like normal flatbeds, this type of trailer carries the same cargo, except with one difference. They can accommodate very long items. They can actually be up to 80 feet long and prevent any cargo from hanging off the edge.

Dry Van: These are the 18-wheelers you most commonly see on the highways. Dry vans have enclosed trailers that can protect the items inside from the weather or other factors on the road. They are used by a variety of different industries.

Lowboy Trailers: Lowboy trailers are meant to accommodate very tall cargo. Things like heavy-duty construction equipment often go on lowboy trailers. If you’re looking for something tough, this is it.

Step Deck Trailers: Also known as drop deck, step deck trailers are a variation of flatbeds. The only difference is their maximum freight height of 10 feet, so they can carry bigger cargo that flatbeds can’t.

Stretch Single Drop Deck Trailer: These trailers are meant to carry extremely long items. They feature extra length and protection so items won’t hang off the edge.

Stretch Double Drop Trailer: Just like the Stretch Single Drop Deck, these trailers allow for longer items to fit comfortably without danger of falling off. The “drop” part references the “well” at the back of the trailer that is around 25-30 feet long.

Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN): Great for carrying tall and heavy cargo (up to 150,000 pounds), RGNs feature a detachable front portion. This allows the driver to drop the trailer down to the ground, creating a ramp.

Conestoga Trailers: Considered to be enclosed freight systems, Conestoga style trailers have a rolling tarp. This tarp covers the trailer and can be removed when needed. The coverage of the tarp protects the cargo inside.

Side Kit Trailers: These trailers tend to have plywood or fiberglass paneling. They are most often used for carrying cargo that can’t be put in crates or packaged, such as dirt and gravel. Their maximum load is 45,000 pounds.

Power Only Trailers: This trailer is simply used to tow other trailers. Weight and dimensions all depend on what is being towed and which state you are in.

Specialized Trailers: Certain trailers are specifically designed to carry certain types of cargo. They are most often used with perimeter, double gooseneck, and dolly trailers. An example of a specialty trailer would be a multi-car trailer, which carries multiple vehicles to a dealership or other location.


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