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Welding Equipment Financing

Financing Welding Equipment

The Leading Providers for Financing Welding Equipment for Contractors, Fabricators, and Manufacturers.

We are committed to making sure you get the best financing solution for your company. If you are in the market for new welding equipment or cutting equipment, you should consider reading over this and learn about the different options you have when it comes to financing equipment versus paying cash. Having the skills and knowing the welding latest techniques is only part of the winning formula to having a successful welding business. Having the appropriate equipment is essential to running a successful metal fabrication business, whether you’re upgrading to meet increased demand, rushing towards extreme deadlines, or replacing old equipment. You can’t afford to be slowed down by high equipment costs, which is why you should call First Capital Business Finance at 888-565-6692! Preserve your capital, and consider financing for affordable monthly payments. Our flexible programs are affordable, and is perfect for any business owner.
Financing Welding Equipment

Welding Equipment Financing Programs for Everyone

  • Approvals Under 24 Hours
  • No Down Payment Options
  • No Age Restrictions
  • Non-Titled Equipment w/ Next Day Funding
  • Programs for Titled & Non-Titled Equipment
  • Programs for Every Credit Score, Good or Bad
  • Programs for Startups & Established Businesses
No matter your credit score, we are here to help you. First Capital offers equipment financing programs for everyone – from excellent credit to bad credit. Even if you have a recent bankruptcy or any issues on your credit report, we have a wide selection of programs that are designed to fit your credit and your business. First Capital can easily find the best program for you that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our programs are designed to help you get the welding equipment you need easily – and FAST. Whether it’s an emergency replacement for equipment that failed, or necessary upgrades, First Capital has your back.

Welder Stats

As of recent years, the shortage of welders in the United States has been a growing concern, with several statistics indicating the severity of the deficit in skilled welders:

  1. Projected Shortfall: According to the American Welding Society (AWS), the United States is facing a shortage of around 400,000 skilled welders by 2024. This projection highlights the significant gap between demand and available workforce in the welding industry. (Source: American Welding Society – AWS)

  2. Aging Workforce: The welding profession is experiencing an aging workforce, with a large portion of welders nearing retirement age. Reports suggest that about 25% of skilled welders are aged 55 or older, exacerbating the shortage as experienced professionals exit the workforce. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics – BLS)

  3. Industry Demand: The demand for skilled welders is particularly high in sectors such as manufacturing, construction, aerospace, and automotive industries. As these industries continue to expand, the need for qualified welders becomes more pronounced. (Source: Welding Workforce Data)

Secure Financing for Arc Welders, Engine Drives, Plasma Cutters, and More

As a skilled professional welder, your work is integral to numerous industries, although it may not always make headlines. Yet, the modern marvels we rely on daily, like bridges, airplanes, ships, automobiles, and pipelines, owe their existence to the craftsmanship of welders like you. If your business requires funding to acquire essential equipment such as arc welders, MIG welders, plasma cutters, TIG welders, and more, turn to Balboa Capital.

Additionally, we recommend reaching out to your accountant or business attorney to explore the Section 179 tax deduction. Many types of equipment and vehicles qualify for this tax benefit, and your financial expert can provide detailed information. They can also assess whether the welding equipment you plan to finance is eligible for the Section 179 deduction.

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Benefits of Financing Welding Equipment with First Capital Business Finance

  • Fast Credit Decisions (Same-Day Approvals)
  • Get Your Equipment NOW; Pay Over Time
  • Financing for Start-Ups and Established Businesses
  • Affordable Monthly Payments
  • We Consider Everyone (even bad credit)
  • Get New or Used Equipment
  • Replace Old, Obsolete Equipment for New Up to Date Equipment

Eligible Welding Equipment

If you don’t see your equipment listed, don’t worry! We most likely finance what you need – simply give us a call at 888-565-6692 and we’ll let you know!

Our welding equipment financing programs offer you the ability to grow your business faster, get what you need to succeed, and increase profits!

These are absolutely essential items, especially if your business requires you to be mobile. Don’t let their price tag hold you back. We can help with financing and extending the term of payments.

  • MIG Welders
  • TIG Welders
  • Plasma Cutters
  • Gas Welders
  • Stick Welders
  • Electron Beam & Laser Welders
  • Light & Medium Duty Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Sprinter Vans
  • Generators

These are just to name a few. If you don’t see your type of equipment listed, simply give our office a call. We offer financing on just about any type of equipment if it’s related to your business.

Welding Equipment Finance


What Our Customers Say

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You need it, we finance it! If you don’t see your equipment listed, call us at 888-565-6692!

These are just to name a few. If you don’t see your type of equipment listed, simply give our office a call. We offer financing on just about any type of equipment if it’s related to your business.

10 Equipment Financing Questions & Answers

Whether you’re a seasoned professional in equipment financing or just dipping your toes into this financial realm, you likely have a myriad of questions. Instead of embarking on an arduous search across the internet, allow us to provide expert answers to these frequently asked questions about equipment financing.

Q: What distinguishes financing from leasing?

A: Financing and leasing share similarities but diverge significantly in structure. While both avenues enable you to break down equipment costs into manageable increments, ownership status differs. With financing, you retain ownership throughout and after the term, while leasing entails paying for equipment usage while the lender technically owns it. However, most leases feature a lease-to-own option, granting ownership post-lease. Each option boasts its own advantages, and consulting with a financing expert can help determine the best fit for your company.

Q: Is perfect credit a prerequisite?

A: Absolutely not! Securing financing with less-than-perfect credit is feasible with understanding lenders. While traditional institutions may prioritize pristine credit scores, specialized lenders comprehend that perfection is rare. They’re more inclined to work with varying credit profiles, spanning from A to D grades. The key lies in finding a lender attuned to your industry and realistic about credit expectations.

Q: How challenging is it to finance used equipment?

A: The suitability of a lender greatly influences the ease of financing used equipment. While some lenders shy away from used equipment, others readily assist in acquiring the necessary assets. To streamline the financing process for used equipment, seek items in good working condition, poised to retain value over time. Despite potential delays in securing financing for used equipment, the benefits—such as reduced depreciation and cost savings—are worth the investment.

Q: What is the typical lease duration?

A: Lease terms generally span from 24 to 60 months, contingent upon various factors like desired monthly payments and equipment cost. A consultant collaborates with you to identify the optimal plan, though most leases extend for at least 36 months. Some lenders, like First Capital, offer flexibility, enabling elongated terms up to 72 months or truncated durations to 24 months, catering to diverse financial preferences.

Q: What constitutes flexible financing?

A: Flexible financing deviates from conventional fixed-payment structures, offering alternatives tailored to individual needs. Options include deferred payments, allowing a grace period at the lease’s onset, skip plans permitting skipped payments intermittently, and step-up payment plans that commence with lower installments, gradually escalating over time. Each scheme offers distinct advantages, and a seasoned financing consultant can help navigate the intricacies.

Q: Is paying cash always advisable?

A: Contrary to the adage, “Cash is King,” utilizing financing over cash payments presents numerous advantages. Financing equipment facilitates steady, manageable payments, preserving cash flow—a pivotal asset for businesses. Moreover, financed equipment begins generating revenue before the entire cost is paid off, essentially paying for itself. Financing unlocks the potential for compound interest, optimizing returns on investment over time.

Q: Is a bank the sole financing option?

A: No, banks are just one among numerous financing avenues. Specialized equipment financing firms, armed with industry-specific expertise, often offer superior funding solutions tailored to unique business requirements.

Q: How challenging is it to secure financing as a startup?

A: While securing financing as a startup poses challenges, it’s entirely feasible with the right lender. Startups may leverage personal credit history or accept slightly higher interest rates but can access financing tailored to their needs.

Q: What happens at lease conclusion?

A: Lease termination entails various options contingent upon the agreed-upon terms. With financing, ownership transfers to you post-term, as you’ve fulfilled payment obligations. Conversely, leasing typically involves an end-of-lease payment, granting ownership upon settlement. This payment varies, ranging from nominal fees to a percentage of the equipment’s value, ensuring flexibility at lease culmination.

Q: How do I start the financing process?

A: Initiate the financing journey by identifying an ideal lender and submitting an application, typically available online for expedited processing. Once submitted, a financing consultant will engage with you to discuss customized financing solutions. Following a few simple steps, your new equipment will be ready for deployment, empowering your business to thrive.

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