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Loans Against Construction Equipment

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Get working capital against your construction equipment 2024


Maximize the Value of Your Construction Equipment with First Capital’s Strategic Financing Solutions

In the dynamic realm of construction, having access to the latest and most efficient equipment is paramount for success. First Capital understands the importance of leveraging the value of your construction equipment, and we are here to offer specialized financing solutions tailored to the unique needs of your industry. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you can unlock the full potential of your equipment, whether you’re looking to optimize your fleet, undertake new projects, or address unforeseen challenges. Explore the possibilities with First Capital and elevate your construction business to new heights.

Loans Against Construction Equipment

Unleash the Power of Your Construction Equipment!

Welcome to a place where your machinery becomes the key to unlocking financial opportunities.

Our “Loans Against Construction Equipment” service empowers your business by converting your valuable assets into capital. Explore how leveraging your equipment can drive your business forward with financial flexibility.

If you’re looking for some extra working capital for your business, we are the experts in providing the easiest and fastest funding in our industry! If you have some equipment that you can pledge as collateral, you can unlock the equity in that equipment and get funding anywhere from $20,000 to $3,000,000! This type of financing DOES NOT require daily payments and will not require merchant statements. This program is based on the wholesale value of your collateral, that you are going to pledge. If you have been speaking with several other working capital providers, you might have been asked to provide bank statements or credit card merchant processing statements. Those loans typically have repayment terms ranging from 3 to 18 months and they require you to make daily or weekly payments. Our program offers monthly payments with terms ranging from 12 to 60 months. We do not restrict the use of funds. That means you can use the proceeds for more equipment, cover payroll, payoff other existing financing obligations, purchase real estate or working capital. Best of all, we can move very fast!

  • Great Solution to Payoff MCA Loans
  • No Credit Score Required!
  • Previous Bankruptcy is OK!
  • Previous Foreclosures is OK!
  • Financing up to $3,000,000!
  • No Limitations on Use of Proceeds!
Discover a range of services tailored to meet the unique requirements of construction businesses, providing the capital you need, when you need it!

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Benefits of Loans Against Construction Equipment

Capitalize on Your Assets for Instant Financial Gains! Experience the advantages of our loans – quick access to capital, flexibility in usage, and the ability to leverage existing construction equipment. Unlock the potential of your machinery to address immediate financial needs, driving growth and success for your construction business.

Do you qualify for a working capital loan using your construction equipment?

For this working capital program, you should know that we would like to see a minimum of two pieces of equipment, with the minimum wholesale value of $20,000 per item. The age of the equipment should not exceed 2004, and you will need to be able to prove ownership. We also offer alternatives if you don’t own construction equipment. To see if you qualify for this program you can either contact one of our representatives at 888-565-6692 and speak with one of our representatives.

Application Process: Seamlessly Navigate Your Path to Financial Empowerment! Initiating your application is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow our simple step-by-step guide to apply for a loan against your construction equipment. From submission to approval, we’ve streamlined the process to ensure a hassle-free experience. Your journey to financial flexibility starts with a straightforward application.

Repayment Options: Flexible Repayment Tailored to Your Business Needs! We understand the ebbs and flows of the construction industry. That’s why our loans come with flexible repayment options. Choose a schedule that aligns with your business cycles and enjoy the freedom to manage your finances efficiently while keeping your operations running smoothly.

Commercial Equipment Leasing And Financing

What if you don’t have construction equipment?

A great alternative to this program would be either our Working Capital Business Loans or if you own real estate. Yes, that’s right! If you also own any type of real estate, we will not need any heavy construction equipment as collateral. This will include, commercial office, multifamily, retail, industrial, land, and residential.

Requirements to obtain a working capital loan

  • No Credit Score Require- BAD CREDIT OK!
  • Previous Bankruptcy is OK!
  • Previous Repossessions is OK!
  • Previous Foreclosures is OK!
  • No Tax Returns Needed!
  • Financing up to $2,000,000!
  • No Prepayment Penalty!
  • Early Discount Payoff On All Approvals!
Eligible Equipment
  • Any heavy equipment with a minimum auction value of $20,000
  • Construction Equipment/Yellow Iron: bulldozers, forklifts, backhoes, excavators, loaders, etc.
  • Titled Equipment: dump trucks & vocational trucks – case by case
  • Farming Equipment: case by case (no blanket liens allowed)

Get Approved Now! Call 888-565-6692 and one of our advisors will be happy to assist you!

Construction Equipment Loans | First Capital Business Finance


What Our Customers Say

Should you finance or lease construction equipment?

Debating between financing and leasing construction equipment? It can be a tough decision when you’re looking to acquire equipment for your business needs.

In general, if you plan to use the equipment extensively (around 60% or more of the time), buying or opting for a lease-to-own arrangement often proves to be the more cost-effective route. However, if your usage will be less frequent, leasing or even renting might make more sense.

Here are some key distinctions to consider when making your choice between equipment financing and leasing:

Equipment Loan:

  • Higher monthly payments.
  • You own the equipment at the end of the term.
  • Typically requires a down payment.
  • You may pay less over the loan term compared to a lease.
  • Equipment can become outdated during the loan term.

Equipment Lease:

  • Lower monthly payments.
  • The lender owns the equipment at the end of the term; you may have an option to purchase or begin a new lease.
  • Usually doesn’t require a down payment.
  • You may pay more over the lease term compared to a loan.
  • You can update equipment once the lease concludes.

Consider these factors carefully to determine whether financing or leasing is the better fit for your construction equipment needs.

Continue Your Construction Projects with Our Equipment Financing

At First Capital Business Finance, we specialize in offering a range of financial solutions tailored to the construction industry. Whether you’re a contractor, excavation specialist, or road construction company, we’re your trusted partner for success. Our services encompass:

Count on us to support your construction business and help you achieve your goals.

Ready to Harness the Power of Your Construction Equipment? Seize the Opportunity with First Capital’s Loans Against Construction Equipment. Apply Now to Experience a Financing Solution that Recognizes the Value of Your Assets and Is Dedicated to Empowering Your Construction Business. Your Journey to Financial Flexibility Begins Here with First Capital.

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