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Construction Equipment Financing

Construction Equipment financing
If you’re in the construction industry, more than likely you know the struggle of finding equipment financing. Construction equipment is not cheap, which makes it important to find the right finance company to provide you with help. We understand it’s hard enough to find the right equipment and for the right price, especially if you are in the market for used equipment. The last thing you want holding up your acquisition, is lending guidelines and red tape due to age or hours on the equipment. That’s why First Capital Business Finance provides the help you need to get to you going with your business, even for older equipment with more hours or miles!.

Qualifications for Financing Construction Equipment

Are you in the market for getting some additional equipment for your business, or if you’re a startup company looking to get your first piece of equipment? Regardless if you are an established business or even if you just started your business today, we have a wide variety of programs for all business owners! We would strongly recommend anyone who’s in the market to buy some equipment, they get prequalified first. Getting prequalified will help you understand the following:

  1. The type of equipment you qualify for.
  2. The amount of financing you qualify for.
  3. The length of term you qualify for.
  4. The required paperwork you will need to obtain the financing.


The type of equipment is going to be important when you’re shopping and visiting dealers. Some programs will have guidelines and limitations on the age, hours or miles on the equipment. For an example, some banks or lenders won’t finance older equipment. So it’s best you understand this prior to investing some time testing out and searching for equipment. The good news with our company, we have a wide variety of programs, some do have age limitations, and some do not! So it’s in your best interest to figure this out beforehand.

The amount of financing you are needing might be totally different from what you actually will qualify for. You might want a brand new piece of equipment, but due to the cost of the equipment you may

need to consider buying a used one because of qualification purposes. Again, it’s best to see what amount you qualify for prior to shopping for equipment.

The length of term for equipment financing is typically 12 to 60 months. However, there are some terms that may go out to 84 months depending on the amount being financed. But knowing what you qualify for, will also give you an idea on what the monthly payments will be. This is a great way to figure out the cash flow and you’ll be able to make a more informed decision on the type of equipment and the cost of the equipment.

Paperwork and providing information to finance companies can be overwhelming at times. We understand that, and we make the process as simple as possible. We have programs that don’t require tax returns, financial statements, or bank statements and we also have programs that do require those financial documents. But if you get prequalified by one of our advisors in advance, your expectations will be set in the right direction to set up yourself for a smoother transaction with our company.

Good or Bad Credit

Whether you have good credit or bad credit, we provide different programs for everyone. Even if you’ve recently had a bankruptcy discharged, we have a wide selection of programs to help you. No matter what, we make sure to find a program to provide the construction equipment you need for your business.

Startup Businesses are Welcome!

We are not limited to established businesses, we also have programs for startup businesses. Guidelines will be different for a startup business, so it’s highly recommended you speak to one of our advisors and they can go over all the different options with you.

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Stay Ahead of the Game

With our company, you can get the money you need to stay ahead. Whether you need to purchase or rent up-to-date equipment or preserve your cash flow, we can help. Our process is simple and fast. If you already have your equipment picked out and ready to go, then we suggest you start your pre-approval process before signing agreements.

Read Up and Stay Informed

Before starting your financial journey, read up on what you can do to stay ahead and help guide you to your financing needs. These are just some of the equipment we can finance. If you don’t see the type of equipment you need, just give us a call because we can finance any type of equipment!
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