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Robotic Total Station Financing

Robotic Total Station Financing

Improve Your Onsite Measurements

If you are an MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) contractor, you already know that having the right tools and equipment can improve your lead time and save your company a substantial amount of capital. Having this type of technology, however, often requires a decent investment. If you’re not in the position to make this type of transaction, we have the ability to offer robotic total station financing.

Traditionally, if you’re currently using tape or even a manual total station on your job site, you’re well aware it’s very time consuming and requires multiple workers. Time and more employees result in more overhead and less profit. If you’re doing around 100 drops per day using tape, using a robotic total station can increase your production by four to five times! Yes, that’s 400 to 500 points a day with one person versus the 100! Using the robotic total station requires less manpower and time.

Best Robotic Total Station FinancingBenefits

We included benefits that come from our robotic total station financing.

  • Faster location of the target
  • Faster aiming and measuring points
  • Less manpower required for operation
  • Fewer communication problems
  • Fewer human error problems
  • Complete control over data collected
  • Faster measuring grid of points

As you can see, this investment pays for itself over time. Not only will your company benefit from this piece of equipment, but your clients will appreciate the turnaround time on jobs. In return, this will result in more business from existing and new clientele.

Contact First Capital for Your Robotic Total Station Financing

Trimble, Hilti, and Leica are a few companies we’ve seen come across our desk. As always, when making a sizable investment like this, you want to do your homework and research the available manufactures. Compare their prices, their warranties, their capabilities, and make sure this will be able to conduct all tasks you’re going to need. Once you’ve nailed down the package, call us to speak with one of our advisers. Call us now to get started. We can help pre-qualify you in one of our many programs. We offer programs for almost any business owner, both good and bad credit, and even for start-up companies. Start with your robotic total station financing today!

Robotic Total Station Financing | First Capital Business Financing

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