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Plumbing Business Loans and Equipment Financing

Plumbing Equipment financing

Investing in quality equipment for your business means less downtime for repairs, higher quality service offerings for your customers, and improved client confidence in your capabilities. However, quality equipment can also mean considerable costs for your company.

At First Capital Business Finance, we want our clients to have all the tools they need to succeed. Our plumbing equipment financing services help you invest in valuable new technologies, allowing you to focus on what’s important: providing quality infrastructure and plumbing solutions to your customers. Together, we can help you maximize your industry competitiveness, bolster your service offerings, and realize your business goals.

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Quality Equipment Requires Less Downtime for Repairs

Sending your equipment in for repairs means downtime for your business, threatening lost profits and delayed services. Newer equipment is more reliable. You’ll be able to get more done for your customers, increasing profits and growing confidence in your business.

The Importance of Investing in Quality Equipment for Your Business

Anyone in the plumbing or infrastructure solution industry knows that these big jobs require big tools, and having the right equipment matters. Here’s a closer look at why investing in the right tools is so important for your plumbing business:

Newer Tools Are Easier To Operate

One of the biggest detractors of business success is poor machine functionality. That’s why it’s so important to have operator-friendly equipment. Quality machines often require less training to use, reducing the risk of improper operation and expanding operational access to greener employees. Having capable, accessible, and functional equipment is important for the success of your operators and your business.

The Right Equipment Expands Your Service Offerings

Having options when it comes to equipment means being able to expand the services you offer your customers. Financing can help you get the right size equipment with capabilities specific to the job you’re doing. By investing in the best equipment, you can improve the quality and breadth of your services, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increasing your ability to get the work done right.

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Why Choose First Capital?

Traditional banks often have strict or impossible requirements for plumbing business loan seekers. They typically want to see high personal and business credit scores, years of records proving profitability, and they might have unrealistic requirements regarding what or how much you can buy. For new businesses trying to establish themselves in the industry, or those experiencing tough times, providing these things isn’t always possible.

This is where First Capital can help. Whether you need a larger loan to cover operational costs, fund expensive equipment purchases, or just give you a little extra boost, our loan process makes it easy. When it comes to equipment financing, we understand the value of these investments and the realities of the industry. 

Equipment financing isn’t all we offer. Our business loans can also help support your operations while you get up and running or make changes to your business. Our expert and dedicated lenders won’t make you jump through hoops the way a bank might. We’ll work with you to find a solution that accommodates all your business and financial needs.

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Our Services

There are a few different ways First Capital Business Finance can help you get the financing you need. We have many plumbers that finance with us and provide lots of options to accommodate your specific business needs, like:

Section 179 info on how it can save you money

Working Capital Loans

For customers with poor credit or those who haven’t been in business long, we offer working capital loans to help finance your business operations and short-term financial needs. No tax returns are needed. We’ll work with you to manage the daily needs of your business operations.

Equipment Financing

For new equipment purchases, we can offer equipment financing. This helps you pay for new equipment in installments, making payments more manageable and accessible and giving you quick access to the equipment you need, like pipeline video assessment, hydro-excavation, sewer cleaning, and leak monitoring tools.

Accounts Receivable Financing

First Capital Business Finance also offers accounts receivable financing and can lend business owners up to 90% of their accounts receivable after only three months in business. Our flexible offerings are designed to work with your unique company needs, making it easy for plumbers, infrastructure solutions specialists, and business owners to accomplish their goals.

What we can do for your growing plumbing business

If you have already tried to obtain financing through your bank, and you’re looking for other solutions we have the answer! First Capital Business Finance offers:
  • Working Capital Loans: 6 months time in business, bad credit ok, no tax returns needed
  • Equipment Financing: Start-ups ok, bad credit ok, no tax returns needed
  • Accounts Receivable Financing: 3 months in business, will finance up to 90% of AR

Examples of other equipment we have financed for the plumbing industry:


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