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Welcome to the gateway of financial flexibility – the Unsecured Business Loans at First Capital.

In the dynamic landscape of business, having the capital to seize opportunities is essential. Our unsecured business loans are crafted to provide you with the freedom to fuel growth, invest in innovation, and navigate the unexpected without pledging collateral. Whether you’re a small business looking to expand, a startup in need of initial capital, or an established enterprise pursuing new ventures, our unsecured loans offer a straightforward and accessible solution. Experience the power of financial agility as we empower your business to reach new heights without the burden of collateral constraints.

Unsecured business loans made simple for small business owners who are in need of some working capital!

Unlike your traditional bank loans, these loans will not require collateral, good credit, or tax returns when applying. This is basically like an unsecured business loan, there is no collateral needed, no real estate needed, and no equipment needed! This type of loan will be the easiest and fastest process available if time is of the essence.

Business Cash Advance

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Business Cash Advance

Qualifications for Unsecured Business Loans:

• 4 to 12 Months’ Time in Business • 500 Minimum Credit Score • Minimum of $8,000 Monthly Gross Revenue • Available in All 50 States • No Collateral Required – No Assets Required – No Real Estate Required • Loan Amounts from $5,000 to $2 Million • Terms Ranging from 3 Months to 24 Months • No Restrictions on Use of Proceeds You can now see, the qualifications for these loans are very simple and are tailored to expedite the process so the business owner has the ability to get the working capital in the fastest possible. There are two different types of unsecured business loans we offer, and the qualifications are very similar. We have our ACH Merchant Cash Advance program and we also have our traditional Merchant Cash Advance program.

Two Types of Unsecured Business Loans

Option One: ACH Merchant Cash Advance (ACH MCA)
The ACH MCA loan is a great alternative to your traditional bank loans. The qualifications and turnaround time is significantly faster and easier than obtaining a loan from your bank. This type of financing does not require your company to have a merchant account and your company will not need to process credit card payments to qualify for this type of loan. However, it is necessary to have a business bank account because the qualification process will be based on your average monthly deposits. How ACH MCA’s work: The qualifications for our ACH MCA loans will be based on your average monthly deposits in your business bank account(s). We typically will need to see your last 4 to 6 months bank statements, and from there we’ll get the monthly average. Not only do we look at your gross deposits, but we also look at the total number of deposits, insufficient funds, and if you had any negative balance days throughout the month. The strength of the business is based on your cash flow, so it’s very important to represent your strength by showing good daily balances and no insufficient funds. ACH MCA Benefits • No Tax Returns Required • Less-than-Perfect Credit • No Collateral, No Real Estate, No Assets Required
Option Two: Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

This is the traditional MCA program, which is also known as a “business cash advance” and does not require tax returns to qualify or collateral to qualify. This does require your company to have a merchant account that is processing credit card transactions. This type of financing is perfect for restaurants, retail stores, service providers, and any other type of business that is taking credit cards as the main form of payment. This is based on your company’s future credit card sales, and the advance will be based on your previous monthly averages. So. in essence, this is not really a loan but more of a cash advance in the exchange of a percentage of your future credit card sales.

How MCA’s work:

The qualifications are based on your past credit card transactions. We will take anywhere from your last 3 to 6 months’ total monthly average to get an idea of the maximum amount you qualify for. This will give us an idea of what to expect in your future credit card sales. The repayment plan for this type of funding is based on your daily credit card transactions, and there will be a percentage of the sales that will go towards paying down your advance (loan). So, this provides a great method of repaying the debt, because if your business had a great day in credit card sales, the payment would be higher and the debt would be paid down faster. Then on the other end, if you had a slower day in credit card sales, your payments would be lower. This is a great solution for businesses that might have fluctuating sales day today. You won’t be burdened with a fixed higher payment if you have a slow day in sales. But with the ACH MCA, you would have a fixed payment, and even if you had a slower day you would still be responsible for that fixed payment.

MCA Benefits
• No Tax Returns Required
• Less-than-Perfect Credit
• Repayment Plan is Based Off Your Cash Flow

Equipment Financing Available!

• Start-up Businesses OK! (No minimum time in business)
• Good & Bad Credit business loan Programs Available
• Terms Ranging from 12 Months to 72 Months
• All Equipment Related to your Business can be Financed!
• Financing from $5,000 to $5,000,000

If you plan on using the working capital to acquire equipment for your business, this program might not be the best solution for you. We also offer other programs for financing equipment, to learn more about this type of financing click on the following links listed:

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• Medical Equipment Financing
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