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What Are the Best Skid Steer Brands Compared?

Bobcat Equipment Financing and Leasing

A skid steer brands loader is a popular piece of equipment because these versatile loaders can be used for everything from brush and snow removal to demolition and landscaping. However, because this equipment represents a significant investment, it is important to choose the right loader for your needs. First Capital Business Finance offers options, such as Bobcat financing, that can make purchasing a top-quality loader easier to fit into your budget.

Skid Steer Financing Through First Capital Business Finance

First Capital Business Finance offers skid steer brands financing for all credit types. You can finance new or used equipment. The pre-approval process is simple and fast, so you can walk into the dealership knowing how much you can afford to spend. If your credit is less than perfect, we offer equipment financing bad credit programs to help you get the equipment you need, even if you have had a bankruptcy, repossession, or tax lien.

Choosing the Right Skid Steer Brands for Your Project

Best Skid Steer Brands| First Capital Business Finance

The best equipment for your project depends on your specific needs. There are several factors you should consider:

  • The primary use of the equipment
  • Height and width of structures, vegetation, and other obstacles on the job site
  • Types of equipment your employees are trained on
  • Type and level of terrain and other worksite conditions
  • Budget for purchase and maintenance and amount of available skid steer brands financing
  • How often the equipment will be used

You should also keep in mind what type of attachments you want to use. Some attachments will work with more than one model, but they are not universal. If you have existing attachments you wish to use with your new equipment, you must make sure they are compatible.

Skid Steer Brands Financing Compared

There are a few major players you should consider when shopping for skid steer brands. Because of their popularity, these loaders will be easier to maintain because parts are widely available, and it is easier to find mechanics with experience working on them. They are also easier to resell and hold their value better than lesser-known brands.


Bobcat is one of the best-known names in heavy equipment. Our bobcat financing options are popular because of the reputation of this company for manufacturing quality equipment. Their S650 loader is the company’s best-selling model. It is an 8,300-lb vertical-lift loader with a 74-hp diesel engine. This loader provides high performance in a compact frame and doesn’t require additional emissions components. Additionally, it can easily maneuver in tight spaces. Popular features include automatic ride control and Bobcat’s Advanced Control System.

John Deere

John Deere is another popular one of our skid steer brands financing customers. The large-frame 332G model is the company’s most popular. It features over 3,150 lbs of operating capacity and a 100-hp diesel engine. The power of this loader adds the versatility to do some jobs you might otherwise need a crawler dozer or backhoe for a while, maintaining the ability to work in tight quarters.

Case Construction Equipment

Best Skid Steer Brands| First Capital Business Finance

Case construction’s SV280 is a popular choice for customers seeking a smaller loader. It has a 2,800 lb operating capacity and best-in-class torque, hydraulic flow, and bucket breakout. You can add optional high-flow hydraulics capable of pushing out 38 GPM with 100% efficiency at 3,000 psi. This easily transportable model has a 74-hp diesel engine.


The top-selling model for this industry heavy-hitter is the 262D. It features a 74-hp engine and an operating capacity of 2,700 lbs. This loader’s XPS hydraulic system makes it a good choice for contractors who need to run a cold planer or wheel saw. It is also popular in rental fleets because it offers high hydraulic horsepower without diesel exhaust fluid.

Kubota Tractor Corporation

Kubota Tractor Corporation is a relatively new entry into the skid steer brands market but has manufactured other types of equipment for 45 years. The SSV75 is the company’s most popular model. It features a 2,690 lb lift capacity and a 74-hp engine. The model features a few innovations, such as a slide-up door that makes it easier to enter the loader no matter how it is situated.

First Capital Business Financing Can Help You With Skid Steer Financing

Whether you have stellar credit or need equipment financing bad credit, the team at First Capital can help you with your financing needs. Call us at 888-656-6692 or prequalify online.

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What Are the Best Skid Steer Brands Compared? | First Capital Business Finance

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