Navigating Commercial Title Loans: Essential Requirements by First Capital Business Finance

A guide to commercial title loans application process

In the realm of business financing, commercial title loans offer a valuable avenue for entrepreneurs to access capital quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re looking to expand your operations, invest in new equipment, or manage cash flow, commercial title loans provide flexible solutions tailored to the needs of businesses. At First Capital Business Finance, we understand […]

How to Know if Semi Truck Financing Programs are Right for You

semi truck financing Overview of Semi Truck Financing: Unlock the road to ownership with our Semi Truck Financing Programs! Discover the power of financing to make your dream of owning a semi truck a reality. From flexible terms to tailored solutions, we’ve got the keys to drive your business forward. Your Financial Situation: Ready to hit the […]

How to Buy a Bobcat or Skid Steer Loader with Bad Credit

How to Buy a Bobcat or Skid Steer Loader with Bad Credit

Are you trying to finance a Bobcat or skid steer loader but you have bad credit? Are you in need of financing for a Bobcat or skid steer loader but have been facing challenges due to bad credit? If you’ve been turned down by lenders in the past, don’t lose hope just yet. At First […]

Unlocking Growth: Financing Options for Forestry Logging Operations

forestry logging loans for equipement

In the world of forestry & logging, the need for financial support is crucial to sustain and expand operations. Whether you are a seasoned logger or a new entrant in the industry, understanding the various financing options available is essential for growth and success. First Capital Business Finance recognizes the unique challenges faced by forestry […]

Top 10 Small Business Ideas for 2024

Top 10 Small Business Ideas for 2024

Business Ideas to Inspire Your Next Move   Starting a small business is a dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs need to keep their full-time job, while they grow their business. The ideas we will explore will allow just that, keeping your full-time job as you start your own business with your spare time. […]

Don’t Buy Stolen Construction Equipment

Don't buy stolen construction equipment

Our economy has been improving and with a better economy comes with more construction. Construction business has been increasing and especially during the summer months when the weather is ideal. After time passes, some of these stolen goods will pop up on the market.

Financing Options for a Hydraulic Ironworker

Financing Options for a Hydraulic Ironworker

Starting a metal fabrication business involves purchasing essential equipment, but finding affordable equipment can be challenging in the open market. Ironworkers need machines that can perform tasks like: shearing punching notching bending But where do you start searching for an affordable piece of equipment that meets? To help you get started to purchase the right […]

How to Start Your DTG Printing Business

Start your DTG Printing Business

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is a popular printing method that involves printing an image directly onto a garment using a specialized printer. The process involves printing the design using a digital file, allowing for high-quality and detailed garments.  If you’re considering starting a DTG printing business, you’ll need to invest in the right equipment. This article […]

How Commercial Truck Financing Works

How Commercial Truck Financing Works

Commercial trucks are vital equipment for companies that need to haul goods, make deliveries, or transport materials. However, semi-truck financing can be a challenge for many business owners because of the substantial costs involved. Commercial truck financing is an option for businesses that don’t have the budget to purchase a truck outright. How Commercial Truck […]

Positive Year: Increase in Financing Demand Compared to 2020

Equipment Financing Demand

The seek for financing by startup contractors for construction equipment seems to have increased this year, as mentioned by First Capital Business Finance president, Dustin Doi. Many of these startups are rejected by banks, because with less than two years in the business, they are usually considered as “high risk” which leaves them without many […]