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Top 10 Small Business Ideas for 2024

Top 10 Small Business Ideas for 2024

Business Ideas to Inspire Your Next Move


Starting a small business is a dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs need to keep their full-time job, while they grow their business. The ideas we will explore will allow just that, keeping your full-time job as you start your own business with your spare time. With only a few months left till 2024, there are several exciting small business opportunities that are expected to thrive. In this article, we will explore the top 10 small business ideas for 2024.

The year 2024 promises an array of small business opportunities for individuals looking to make their entrepreneurial mark. With the changing dynamics of consumer preferences and technological advancements, staying up to date is paramount.


tutoring businessAre you proficient in a particular subject? This can be a great business opportunity, especially for those who are passionate about teaching and educating. Not too long ago, students ranging from elementary school to college were taking classes online virtually due to the pandemic. This will make your job slightly easier if you plan on tutoring remotely using a webcam or a service like Zoom, the students will already be familiar with using such technology. If you’re not excited about tutoring your typical school subjects, you can still offer private lessons or classes with instruments, software like Adobe Premiere, painting/art, different languages, and even web or graphic design. This business is great if you prefer to work from home and if you are ok with using online services like Zoom. The startup costs are next to nothing since you more than likely already have a computer, internet connection and a desk to work from.

Pet Care Services

start a pet care business

If you aren’t too fond of animals, you should skip this idea and go on to the next one. Just like tutoring, this can be a very budget friendly business to start. This business can range with the startup capital needed, but if you are planning to keep it low till you have built up some savings, you can start off with tasks like walking dogs. There’s very little to no expenses when it comes to doing that task for pet owners. Even pet sitting would be a great option, most pet owners would prefer to have someone come visit their pet if they are out of town for an extended period. If the pet owner had to board their pet with a specialized board and care for animals, these can be hundreds of dollars per day. Offering a service where you can come to their location while they are out of town would be a great affordable alternative. They will need someone to clean up after their pets, feed them and possibly interact with them. As you grow the business, you can expand into other services, like grooming or even mobile grooming.

Home Cleaning

start home cleaning businessAs of recently, the cost of living is increasing whether we like it or not. People are having to work longer hours or a 2nd job to make ends meet. This means there is less time for other responsibilities like keeping the house tidy. House cleaning would be another great solution that can possibly have a very little startup cost. Some house cleaning companies provide the house cleaner that will come to your location and clean the agreed upon items. Some of these companies require the customer to supply their own cleaning supplies and equipment. So that means you as the business owner would not need to worry about having a vacuum, mop, broom, or any of the other cleaning items. This service would not be able to charge the same as a company that was offering a full-service option that brought their own cleaning equipment and supplies.

E-commerce / Reselling

start an ecommerce businessIn an age where online shopping dominates and with the possibility of a slower economy in the coming year, consumers are seeking the best deals possible. Starting a business that offers the most competitive pricing available can be highly lucrative. Even if this means selling secondhand items, or slightly used items. This will be one of the most affordable businesses you can start, you will not need to build a website, buy inventory, or hire employees. Everyone already has items that they are no longer using. Consumers will be looking to save where they can, and one of the first places they will check is online. Selling on sites or apps like OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace and Ebay are a few great ways to start selling your items. Once you’ve built up some capital you will have the ability to buy new merchandise to resell versus only selling used items. Reselling items will give you the ability to follow the trends and figure out what items are hot and popular. Buying at the right price will be crucial, but by this time you will have learned your overheard. You will have miscellaneous expenses other than the cost of the items, you have packaging materials, shipping fees/postage, and possibly selling fees if you’re going to use sites like Ebay.

Custom Home Address Number Painting

home address paintingThis again is another low startup cost to get into this new business. If you are living in a residential neighborhood which has those painted numbers on the curb for the street address, this might be a good one for you. I came across this idea a few years ago, although this is not a new concept, but I was trying to come up with some ideas for my son and his friend to do over the summer break. The startup costs are affordable, and you have the ability to work whatever hours you want. Most starting entrepreneurs have a full-time job and have very limited time to start their business. This idea will allow you to work your job as you transition into a full-time business owner. What’s great about this business is that you can start off very simply with just painted over the existing numbers with new reflective paint. Not only is this affordable for you, but it’s also very affordable to the homeowner. As you grow your business, you can add more options with different designs which will allow you to charge more for those who are seeking to stand out from the neighbors. In the beginning all you will need is some spray paint, masking tape, number stencils, sandpaper, rags, and a tape measure. As you add more services to your business you can also offer pressure washing driveways/sidewalks/gutters, and custom mailboxes.

Window Screen Repair & Window Cleaning

start a window cleaning businessIf you have ever tried to replace or repair your own screen, you’ll most likely end up wanting to pay someone to do it next time to save you the time and headache! Just like the previous service, this business will require very little startup capital. You will need a way to transport your tools like a screen roller, razor blade, screen material, framing materials and possibly a ladder. So having your own vehicle will be necessary for this business idea. Adding additional services to your business is crucial to increasing your bottom line. You’ve already spent the fuel getting to your customer, why not to and increase your profit by offering additional services? While you are there you can also offer window cleaning, screen cleaning, screen replacement or rain gutter cleaning.

Rain Gutter Cleaning

start a rain gutter cleaning businessThis business is rather affordable to start, but you will need some equipment and tools to get you going. If you already have a vehicle which will allow you to transport a few larger ladders, a broom, and a pressure washer you are already halfway there! Older neighborhoods will always have a demand for this service, even if there are no trees to be found you can be sure there is debris that has accumulated in the rain gutters over the years. As you grow this business you can also offer additional services like rain gutter repair or replacement. Imagine being on the job site and cleaning out the gutters and noticing that a few of them were worn out over the years and need to be repaired or replaced. This is a great way to upsell your client by offering that service, either repairing their existing gutters or offering new ones. This business will also allow you to cross sell other services like window cleaning, driveway/sidewalk pressure washing, and anything else related to the home upkeep.

Handyman Home Repair Services

start a handyman businessThis service will be a great option for those who are already in a similar business with their full-time job of employment. You might already have the tools and equipment, so the startup capital will be very minimal. You should build your local reputation up in this space, use social media and apps like Yelp or TaskRabbit. As you gain a following and build up some capital you can eventually specialize within this industry that might require some better or more specialized tools/equipment. For example, maybe your current job is metal fabrication, and you are already familiar with welding. You might not have your own equipment when you first start, but once you’ve made some money and saved up you can invest in your own welding equipment. You might start off as a handyman that does a variety of odd end work, but eventually you could specialize with a mobile welding business.

Smart Home Technologies & Consulting

start a smart home automation businessIf you are already in the ever-growing technology industry, this might be a great business for you! Similar to the handyman business, you will need to have experience and knowledge with current technology, and you will also need to be handy when installing this equipment. Many people lack knowledge when it comes to the type of technology that is available. It’s very time-consuming to keep up with what is currently available and what is coming in the coming months or years. Offering your knowledge and expertise to this customer base can save them money and help them avoid making the wrong purchase. This can include setting up in-home wireless internet, home security systems like Ring or installing a Wifi thermostat. The type of tools and equipment needed is very limited for this type of work, the most important tool will be your knowledge.

Mobile Auto Detail Service

start a mobile car detailing businessThis is a business that will require more startup capital because of the type of equipment, tools and supplies that will be required to make sure you’re successful. Some mobile detailers use a pickup truck, van or even a small utility trailer to transport the equipment. If you already have a vehicle like those, you will be able to keep your startup costs minimal. You will also need a water tank, generator, pressure washer, vacuum, polishers/buffers, carpet extractor, buckets, towels, hoses, extension cords, and possibly a portable canopy. This business can offer additional services so you can increase your margins. Some clients might only want a quick, simple and affordable car wash that allows them to stay at home or their job while they get their car washed. But some clients might want a more customized service, like steam cleaning stains off the interior of the vehicle, polishing the oxidized headlights, or maybe even something more specialized like ceramic coating the exterior of the vehicle. What’s great about this business model is you will potentially have residual income if you keep your clients happy with your work. Most car owners wash their cars at least once a month, depending on where they are located and the time of the year.

Every city in America will have different requirements when it comes to licensing, insurance and/or permits. So always check with your local municipality to find out what you will need to complete before you start your mobile auto detailing business.

The year 2024 presents exciting opportunities for small business entrepreneurs. Whether you’re passionate about sustainability, animals, technology, wellness, or finance, there’s a niche waiting for your innovative ideas. As you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, remember to research thoroughly, plan meticulously, and adapt to the changing landscape.


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