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Truck Mounted Grinder Loan

Truck Mounted Grinder Loan

Looking to buy a new or used grinder but need financing?

For a large or small landscaping business owner or a farm-service provider, a truck mounted grinder can be the most important piece of equipment one can own.  These powerful “tub grinders” have 400-1200 horsepower engines that can gobble up hale bales or tree stumps and reducing them to piddling piles of easily disposed waste or finely ground granules for feed.  And having such a piece of equipment can allow the owner to be move between landscape products and rural farms where the need to provide fresh feed for livestock can be a two week rotation service.  Shelf life for ground hay is much shorter than if it is left in bale form.  But it may be a way to reduce waste that can occur when clumps of hay are dropped by the animal and then tromped on till use is nil.

For both the landscaper and the farm-service provider, the need for a tub grinder is required when large tree stumps and large numbers of bales are involved in the work.  These tubs can be up to 20 cubic yards in capacity and take on 10 tree stumps at a time!  That’s enough room to fill 20 pickups to the tops of their sidewalls!  Few landscapers and service providers need that kind of capacity, which is the reason many smaller capacity (read less costly) models are available.

It’s not been good news for the small business owner in the first years of the 21st century. The crisis of 2008 has had a ripple effect on those who have poured their lives and their savings into their dream businesses. And despite the fact that small business owners are the most passionate and conscientious entrepreneurs, traditional loan providers have turned their noses up at all but the most pristine of credit scores and very healthy tax reports.

But there is good news for the small business owner that wants to finance a truck or trailer mounted grinder to his or her business lineup.  Here at First Capital Business Finance, we have your interest at heart.  Consider the advantages of doing business with us:

  • If it’s an equipment load, like the grinder, you can just be starting your business
  • 90% of our loans require no tax returns
  • A tough run of credit issues will not automatically turn you away….we understand that you are more than a credit score
  • We offer 2-5 year loan terms
  • There is little paperwork involved in our loan process
  • Approval is quick
  • And you need just one year of business experience if you need a capital loan for increased staff or other non-titled needs
While a dentist may not need a 20 cubic yard grinder with 1200 horsepower (run if you find one of those!), these good news words from First Capital Business Finance might be the very thing to get you going in a business that may be a grind, but can also be very lucrative.

If you would like to speak to one of our business development managers, please call us at 888-565-6692.

Truck Mounted Grinder Loan
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