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New and Used Veterinary Equipment and Supplies Financing

Veterinary equipment financing
First Capital Business Finance is proud to offer loans for veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, and other veterinary practices. There are so many great benefits, and it’s easy to get approved.

Beginning a career as an animal doctor is exciting, but securing a veterinary equipment loan can be more nerve-wracking than delivering a preemie colt!

In a world where vet school can cost upwards of $200K, the expense for durable medical equipment can be discouraging. Dreams of making sick animals well and bringing smiles to the faces of loving owners can be quickly extinguished when you start to look at the financial realities of the situation.

Things such as a lack of credit history, little professional experience, and credit card mistakes can make veterinary loans look impossible to get. But here’s the good news:

First Capital can make your dreams reality with a veterinary equipment loan. Provide better care faster – with a veterinary business or veterinary equipment loan.

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Loans for Veterinary Clinics

Our business loans for veterinary clinics are here to help you grow your practice with an available cash flow. We serve veterinary practices of all sizes, with a wide variety of financing programs. We always offer unmatched convenience and leading market support to our clients nationally. Our financial consultants have a precise understanding of the financing choices available for you and your business.

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loans for veterinary clinics, veterinary equipment and supplies, used equipment financing, veterinary equipment for leaseLeasing/Financing Veterinary Equipment and Supplies:

Interested in used equipment financing or veterinary equipment for lease? First Capital can help you get the medical equipment you need for your veterinary practice – fast. And don’t shy away from used equipment:
Used equipment offers you the same usability at a fraction of the price of brand new equipment. In addition, used equipment is often refurbished by the previous owners, which means that you’re not using something on its last legs.

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Get the Equipment You Need Fast from First Capital Business Finance

Here at First Capital Business Finance, we are ready to help you see your dreams of a thriving veterinary practice become a reality through medical equipment loans. With the cost of necessary and required equipment being so steep, think about what First Capital can do for you as you seek a veterinary business equipment loan:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Flexible programs for business owners with bad credit
  • 2- to 5-year repayment windows
  • Quick approval
  • Minimal paperwork
  • A loan officer who understands the hurdles the small business owner must traverse
Contact us today at 888-565-6692 to get same-day approval! First Capital Business Finance is ready to help you make your dreams reality.

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New and Used Veterinary Equipment and Supplies Financing | First Capital Business Finance
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