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How To Make Work Fun For Your Employees

Make Fun Environment

Traditionally, management in any organization has the notion of having all work and no play in the workplace as the formula for great productivity. This has been proven to be untrue and indeed a little play goes a long way in making any workplace more productive. However, it can prove to be quite challenging for management when it comes to drawing a line for things which are acceptable as fun in the office and those that cannot be tolerated. Below are a few simple ways that you could make your workplace more fun and yet maintain it as a professional workplace.

  • Have fun team building competitions

At the workplace, it is imperative that the employees are friendly amongst themselves before you can think of having any fun. Relationships between the employees can be positively enhanced by the use of friendly competitions that involve all the employees as equals. These activities are usually carried out during outdoor activities or out-of-the-office parties and functions but you could also hold simple competitions at the workplace. For example, you can have a daily lottery to decide who will make coffee for the others on that day.

  • Make your meetings interesting

Meetings, despite being very important, are arguably the most boring activities at the workplace. To make the experience more lively, different things could be done to make the meetings fun. A change in the venue could add some spice to the meeting, a snack during the meeting, or simply having a different seating arrangement will make the meeting more interesting. You could encourage more participation from other employees in the meeting or include audio and visual aids in your meeting.

  • Food and beverages

Everybody loves food. Good food will always make anybody happy (unless one is on a very strict diet). In the workplace, many organizations provide free coffee for their staff. This should always be encouraged. You should not only provide free coffee but you should try to provide quality coffee and be consistent with the supply. It would be very bad for the kitchen to run out of coffee during working hours. This would lead to a lot of distress among the employees who are used to having the free coffee. It would be fun to surprise your staff with some doughnuts or sandwiches occasionally.

  • Offer Flexible working hours

Employees love free time during working hours. This is a very rewarding gift to an employee and it will keep him/ her happy in the work place. You might offer to one day allow an employee to rush off early in the evening so as to pick their children from school. You might also offer to reward an employee with half a day off if they achieve some impressive success in their work.

  • Do not be too formal all the time

Try to relax a little while interacting with your employees. For example, try to be friendlier when exchanging pleasantries. For example, do not just stick with “good morning”, you could go ahead and inquire about the employee’s spouse or children. Also, allow some humor within the workplace.

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