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Should You Employ Family Members

Employ Family Members

Employing family or friends can be questionable

This question has hounded people for a very long time and it will continue being a dilemma for people even in the future. As it is, there is always pressure to hire the people who you know and especially people that you like. This is especially the case when dealing with family members. If you are in a leadership position, you will probably at one time need to make a decision whether to hire a family member or not. Below we will discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of hiring family members.

Advantages of Hiring Family Members

  • No need for deep background checks on family members

Whenever you are hiring personnel, it is important that you do some thorough background checks on the individual to be sure that you are getting the right person for the job. In the case of a family member, you do not have to do very detailed checks since you already know the person intimately. You already know the person’s strengths and weaknesses and therefore you can pick a family member knowing that he is the best fit for the job.

  • Family members can put in more effort than other people

When you have an employee who is a family member, you can request them to do extra hours without them feeling that they are being treated unfairly. They can put in more hours and work harder since they are likely to be more interested in seeing your business prosper. Family members will even provide services at a lesser pay as compared to other employees.

  • It is easier to understand family members

Since you have a deeper understanding of family members, you can work with them easier than with people whom you do not understand. You know the strengths and weaknesses of your family members and even in communication, there is less misunderstanding. You will naturally trust family members more with monetary issues and sensitive information.

Disadvantages of Hiring Family Members

  • Other Employees may not be pleased with the relationship

When you have a family member amongst your staff, the other employees will naturally feel that they have a lesser relationship with you than the relationship you share with your kin. Other employees will tend to think that there is favoritism even when it does not exist. This can create a huge rift when it comes to team building and the other employees will be inclined to distance themselves.

  • Family members may take advantage of your relationship

It is difficult to enforce authority with family members. Insubordination is likely to show its ugly face especially when the employed family member feels aggrieved. At such a time, family members may not follow the laid down protocols and may approach you as an equal, which is not healthy for the workplace. This lack of respect may not only be realized in times of disputes but it may also happen when the individuals take advantage of your relationship to get special privileges.

  • Difficult to execute hard decisions when dealing with family members

When dealing with family members, it is harder to execute hard decisions such as firing, demoting, punishing, or rejecting personal requests. For example, when a family member requests for some time off to tend to their sick child, you will find it very hard to refuse.

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