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Do your employees have sufficient customer service skills?

Customer service skills

In business, customer service skills are crucial if you are to maintain your customers and make any meaningful sales. If you have several employees working under you, it is important that they all understand the importance of good customer service skills or you will be doing all the positive customer service and they will be […]

How To Make Work Fun For Your Employees

Make Fun Environment

Traditionally, management in any organization has the notion of having all work and no play in the workplace as the formula for great productivity. This has been proven to be untrue and indeed a little play goes a long way in making any workplace more productive. However, it can prove to be quite challenging for […]

Should You Employ Family Members

Employ Family Members

Employing family or friends can be questionable This question has hounded people for a very long time and it will continue being a dilemma for people even in the future. As it is, there is always pressure to hire the people who you know and especially people that you like. This is especially the case […]

How To Make The Workplace Enjoyable But Professional

Happy Working

Are your employees happy working for you? Work, no matter how you slice and dice it, is still work. However, converting a workplace into a motivating, fun and happy environment is an entirely different matter. Whether, we fully realize it or not, happiness is one of the primary goals and motivating factors into everything we […]

Technology Can Hurt Your Business

Technology Can Hurt Your Business

Is your company too advanced with technology for its own good? The truth is, all businesses need technology in order to compete in today’s competitive climate. Technology is ever-evolving and every day we are seeing with our own eyes how yesterday’s technology seems like it was so long ago. Yes, I know I had a […]

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