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How To Make The Workplace Enjoyable But Professional

Happy Working

Are your employees happy working for you?

Work, no matter how you slice and dice it, is still work. However, converting a workplace into a motivating, fun and happy environment is an entirely different matter.

Whether, we fully realize it or not, happiness is one of the primary goals and motivating factors into everything we do. Our decisions are often aligned towards what we believe will bring us more joy. With this in mind, any competitive company should invest and give focus to achieving and sustaining workplace contentment.

For a small business owner or office manager, creating a work area that people will actually look forward to working at every day is a significant feat. Happy and satisfied employees translate to greater productivity.

While it may come as a surprise to many, bonuses and cash rewards is not always the answer. Here are some tips on how you can add more fun and excitement in the workplace while still maintaining a professional environment:

Amp Up Staff Meetings

In staff meetings, the group dynamics are a critical aspect managers often overlook. For most employees, they constantly feel stressed and rushed. Consider changing this by having each staff answer this question: “What’s the best thing that has happened to you since our last meeting?

While this may sound mundane and may even seem counter-productive, it is a great way to help people focus on the positive things that have happened to them, which instantly changes their psychological state. Make this a regular practice and notice the incredible difference.

Create a Relaxing Corner

When you meet the basic needs of your employees, they become healthier and happier. A great way to support the happiness of your employees is setting up a corner where they can simply relax and not think of work, at least for a few minutes. This may mean the freedom to take breaks and walk outside or simply enjoy nature.

You can also allocate a budget to set up a workout center or perhaps strike a deal with a local gym where your employees can sign up and enjoy discounts. The key thing here is to incorporate exercise, relaxation and socialization into the workplace.

Offer Flexibility

What is more important than getting a raise or monetary incentive? It is being granted the gift of time, or more accurately free or flexible time. A great way to keep people motivated and happy is allowing them to work on their preferred schedules on certain days of the week or even the option to work from home once or twice a week.

While this may not seem to mean much, to employees it could mean having the time to pick their kids from school early and enjoy more time taking care of their family instead of constantly rushing about. By offering flexibility, you recognize that your employees have a life outside of work, thereby making you a family-friendly employer who also cares about the happiness of his/her employees.

Adding some fun in a workplace does not have to cost you much nor does it have to compromise productivity and professionalism in a workplace. It is simply important to consider the happiness of your employees and understand what they value most. By choosing to recognize and support their personal goals, you will be able to cultivate an enjoyable and more rewarding workplace.

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