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Inexpensive Ways To Keep Employees Motivated

Inexpensive Ways To Keep Employees Motivated

A simple “thank you” goes a long way and is a huge motivator!

Many times, we hear disgruntled employees moan about their jobs and many times, they have cause to complain due to their superiors’ unappreciative nature. As a superior, there is what you expect from your employees, and for this, you pay them a salary or wage. If an employee goes out of their way and does extra, it is important to notice the effort and if possible reward it. This helps to keep the employee motivated. If you do not do this, the employees are likely to get demoralized and will lose their motivation.

To keep your employees motivated, you do not have to reward them with lavish trips to the Bahamas or present them with some luxurious rewards. There are very effective and less costly ways of keeping your employees motivated. Below we will discuss some methods you could use in your company.

  • A simple “Thank You” goes a long way

When an employee does something good it is important to acknowledge it and tell them thank you. A thank you from the higher ups is especially a very good motivational tool. It makes the employee feel appreciated and useful. Consider appreciating the efforts of your employees around other employees. The effect is much more than a one-on-one thank you. You might also post the accomplishments of an employee on the office notice board or if you have weekly or monthly inner-office emails acknowledge the employees on the newsletter.

  • Have close communication with your employees

Employees appreciate it when their superiors take time to have conversations with them. Communication should not be one sided. Many superiors give instructions and they do not listen to the opinions, suggestions, and critique from their employees. This is a major cause for lack of morale among the employees since they feel that they are not part of the work they are doing. If you can get one-on-one conversations with employees handling specific tasks, it will make them feel important and boost their morale.

  • Reward exceptional efforts as well

Many times rewards and recognitions are given to those who succeed in something. At the workplace, many good efforts do not necessarily all succeed. Good efforts should be recognized and rewarded to keep the employees morale. For example, an employee’s effort that was brilliant but one that failed due to unforeseen and unpreventable circumstances should be recognized and rewarded.

  • Recognize employees’ special days and events

Throwing a small surprise birthday party where you cut a cake for an employee is not costly but it goes a long way in boosting positive team spirit, unity, and morale among the employees. This should also be done for other important days such as anniversaries, child shower, weddings, child graduation, and any other activity related to the employee and his close family. A small gift, including a simple card, could be a huge motivator and affordable.

  • Provide trainings and other development programs

When you train your employees, you not only improve the quality of input into your company, but you also help improve the employees as individuals. This gesture is not lost to the employees who will be encouraged to give more for your company.

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