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How to Get Restaurant Financing

How to Get Restaurant Financing
Restaurant financing can be an issue, and unless you’re a well-established chef with extra cash laying around, you’re going to need help with your finances. Today, a lot of chefs dream of opening their own unique restaurants to share their take on food with the rest of the world. No matter your credit score or financial situation, First Capital Business Finance is here for you. First Capital offers programs for everyone, from excellent credit to bad credit. Even if you have a recently filed for bankruptcy or any issues on your credit report, we have a wide selection of programs that are designed to fit your credit and your business.

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Whether you’re a well-established restaurant or maybe a food truck wanting to have a brick and mortar style restaurant, First Capital has a restaurant equipment loan program for you. Know, the average cost of opening a restaurant is around $275,000 and could be even more depending on what type of restaurant you’re wanting to open.

“A great restaurant doesn’t distinguish itself by how few mistakes it makes, but by how well they handle those mistakes.” – Chef Danny Meyer

Restaurant Financing:

The restaurant industry has recently taken off like a wildfire and is continuing to grow. From take-out restaurants to fine dining restaurants, one location or multiple locations, First Finacial Business Finance has a strong foothold and a wonderful track record for providing a wide variety of financial solutions that meet your business needs.

Learn How to Best Market Your Restaurant

Whether you’re starting fresh or your existing restaurant needs new equipment. restaurant financing But, before you say, “there is no way I can afford brand new commercial equipment for my new restaurant.” Just know that restaurant equipment is probably the biggest need for your new or existing restaurant, and First Capital loans can go for new or used equipment. Also, remember that used equipment can often offer your restaurant the same usability as new equipment, but at a fraction of the price.       

Learn More About Restaurant Equipment Financing

  When it comes to running any business, you are going to want to be successful! One key to running a successful restaurant is figuring out how to make it work. First Capital can easily find the best program for you that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Financial Key Tips:

  • Great location
  • Realistic financial formula
  • Plan effective capitalization
  • A menu that yields an excellent gross margin

“The key to running a successful kitchen is what I call the ‘3 F’s.’ Be Firm, Be Fair, and Be Friendly with your staff, your guests, and yourself.” – Chef Will Gilson

restaurant financingAt First Capital, our goal is to help you grow your restaurant with an available cash flow. In order to keep your restaurant healthy, you will need access to a ready cash flow. Most bank loans require an extensive approval process, but First Capital makes it quick and simple with our painless process. An approval for a loan can happen in as little as 48 hours, with funding in as few as 5 days.

Why should you trust us?

You might ask yourself, why should I go with First Capital Business Finance for restaurant financing?
  • Less than perfect credit is not an issue
  • Collateral is not required for the majority of our programs
  • Flexible terms up to 24 months
  • Very minimal paperwork
  • Approvals are granted within 48 hours or less
  • Excellent customer service
  • The interest is tax deductible
Contact us today at 888-510-3573 to get same-day approval! First Capital Business Finance is ready to help you make your dreams reality.

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How to Get Restaurant Financing | First Capital Business Finance
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