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Ritche Bros Auctions Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment auctions
Heavy equipment financing is a great way to get your business the equipment it needs to complete jobs and grow.  Once you contact us at [phone number=”888-510-3573″] to get the heavy equipment financing to buy, you may be wondering where to buy from. Ritchie Bros may have the answer.

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Ritchie Bros. Hosts Impressive 6 Day Auction

This past February Ritchie Bros held their premier annual auction. It lasted from 19th-24th.  The Vancouver, B.C. based industrial auctioneer sold a staggering 12,500+ pieces of equipment ranging from:
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Boom trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Lube and fuel trucks
  • Tow trucks
  • Cement mixers
  • Class 8 day and sleep models with related trailers
  • Utility trucks.
This massive selection of heavy equipment spanned their 232 acres of their Orlando Florida site.

“We created history last week, with a record US$278+ million auctions.”

Record-Breaking Sales

In the Ritchie Bros., February 26th news release Chief Executive Officer Ravi Saligram said, “We created history last week, with a record US$278+ million auctions, which was a 24% increase compared to the combined Ritchie Bros. and IronPlanet GTV from last year—a monumental event for the used heavy equipment and transportation sectors.” This was a first in their 60+ history. This was also their first premier auction since they acquired competitor IronPlant last year.  

Around The WorldHeavy Equipment Financing

Former president of IronPlanet and current President of U.S. sales Jeff Jeter told Transport Topics News, “Everything here will sell,” adding that this event is “The Super Bowl of what we do.” Bidders from around the world participated online and in person. They came from such countries as Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Australia, and China. They purchased about 20% of the equipment sold. 80% is expected to leave Florida.

Want In On That Auction Action?

Other items available for bid included about 1,500 pieces of equipment housed at their Atlanta site. These items were largely massive job boxes that contained heavy hand tools used on major construction sites. Raul Munilla of M C M was pleased with the auctions convenience and told the company newsletter, “You can find just about any piece of equipment that you need, for any specific job at their Orlando auction. And, if for some reason you can’t find it in Orlando, you can locate it through the Ritchie Bros. network around the world.”

We’ll get you the heavy equipment financing you need. Ritchie Bros can get you the heavy equipment you need

Truck Previews Through TruckPlanet

Another platform Ritchie Bros has added to their repertoire after buying IronPlant is TruckPlanet. This digital marketplace allows buyers of Classes 5-8 vehicles and related trailers to stream auctions online and makes bids. TruckPlanet bidders can also use a feature called Fleet Locator that will group similar trucks together in numbers of 2-200.

IronClad Assurance

To ensure buyers are getting quality used heavy equipment TruckPlanet has a program called IronClad Assurance. This certifies that Richie Bros 250 inspectors will:
  • Review the equipment
  • Take pictures
  • Thoroughly Inspect items and all of its key systems and components

Bid on Your Future with Heavy Equipment Financing!

While Ritchie’s impressive auction is over, your opportunity to grow your business isn’t! Ritchie Bros. hosts many auctions throughout the year and First Capital can get you the Heavy Equipment Financing you need to bid. Call [phone number=”888-510-3573″] to learn how.

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Ritche Bros Auctions Heavy Equipment | First Capital Business Finance
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