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The Easiest Way to Get Sprinter Vans

sprinter van financing

You have decided to get Sprinter vans as a new addition to your fleet. Having already used vans and trucks for your business, you know that sprinters are a great choice.

The Sprinter lineup consists of the Sprinter Cargo, Crew, and Passenger vans that are available in both gas and diesel engines. Gas engine models were introduced in early in 2019. Especially if you travel a lot, a Sprinter van saves you more on gas than a diesel-powered van.

With easy financing options on sprinter vans, you can finally start or expand your business.

Read on to read more about Sprinter van financing.

sprinter vans, sprinter van financing

The Sturdy Sprinter Vans

sprinter vans, sprinter van financing - white mercedes sprinter van

Sprinter vans are light commercial vehicles that are available in many models to transport passengers and cargo alike. With a seating capacity of 8 to 10 people, you can either use it as an executive van for businesses, crew or a cargo van.

Although they are most popular as cargo vans, conversions are also available for private individuals. These include RV conversions, camper vans, office vans, limousines, and more.

The sturdy Sprinter van finds its uses with law enforcement agencies in various countries like Hong Kong, Ireland, and Poland. In Europe, these are available as ambulances, with 515 CDI being the standard model in the UK. With such a long list of uses, the Sprinter van is indeed a jack-of-all-trades vehicle.

“Although a high credit score might help, it is not necessary to get financing on Sprinter vans.”

What Qualifies You for Sprinter Van Financing?

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To know whether you qualify for financing on Sprinter van, you must provide the following information to the finance company:

Your Industry Experience

Companies that have been in business for two years or more get approved easily. Determining how long you’ve been in business will help determine the amount you can be pre-qualified for.

Just starting out? We have specific programs that will work great for startup businesses, and typically the maximum amount financed is $50,000.

Vehicle Information

Give the vehicle details, specifications, and from where you intend buying it. Some programs depend on the age of the vehicle and its mileage.

Personal Credit

The next step is finding out about your credit and if you have business partners.

Your Income

sprinter vans, sprinter van financing - illustration of money with graph moving in upward direction

Though this rarely comes up, your proof of income may be required depending on your situation. We have a wide variety of programs that will not require proof of income.

“You can get major tax deductions within one year of owning the Sprinter van.”


sprinter vans, sprinter van financing

Why Financing Your Sprinter Van Is a Great Option

Financing your Sprinter van is the best option, as you get the following advantages:

Immediate Ownership of the Vehicle

sprinter vans, sprinter van financing

The biggest upside is that you take ownership of the vehicle immediately. Hence, you also have more control over the vehicle. Upon paying off the lender, you can either keep using the vehicle or decide to sell it and buy something new. 

The Vehicle Itself Is the Collateral

Most lenders need collateral before approving your application. While having a good credit score is better, you can get equipment financing with bad credit and a low or $0 down payment. This is because the vehicle itself serves as the collateral.

Financing Your Van Is Tax-Deductible

There are appealing tax incentives on buying qualifying equipment for your business. You can save around $500,000 on taxes under Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code.

Save Money with Lower Rates

You will find lenders offer you financing on lower-interest rates as compared to traditional banks. But that really depends on your credit and other factors.

Quick and Easy Process

sprinter vans, sprinter van financing

By filling out a form online, you can get pre-qualified for financing on Sprinter vans. Hence, this is a much easier way to process your application. You can get approved sooner when compared to other traditional methods.

“By planning right and having a steady business, you might negotiate more favorable terms.”

First Capital Business Finance Credit Programs

When buying a Sprinter van, your requirements will differ from other businesses. Our tailored finance programs makes it easy for you.

Bad Credit & Average Credit Programs

  • 1, 2 Mos Payments Down – 10k to 100k – 600 Credit – Start-Ups Okay – No Age/Mileage Restrictions – Short Haul Only (Long Haul: Fleet Reqs)
  • 1, 2 Mos Payments Down – 10k to 100k – 620 Credit – 2 years time in business
  • 10% Down – Up to 200k – No Credit Score – 1 year time in business – Must Gross 25k a month
  • 15% Down – Up to 30k – Start Ups Ok – < 575 Score – Long & Short Haul – No Mileage Restrictions
  • 25% Down – 10k to 40k – No Credit Score – ’08 or Newer Under 200k Miles – No Private Party Sellers
  • 50% Down – 10k to 400k – No Credit Score – Any Age or Mileage – Previous BK & Repos are okay

Good Credit & Average Credit Programs

  • 1, 2 Mos Payments Down – Up to 75k – 620 Credit –  2 years time in business & must have fleet of at least 2 trucks
  • 1, 2 Mos Payments or 10% Down – Up to 100k – 680 Credit – 3 years time in business – Must be a homeowner
  • 1, 2 Mos Payments or 10% Down – Up to 60k – 700 Credit – Start-Up Okay – Must be a homeowner – 5 years CDL
  • 1, 2 Mos Payments or 10% Down – Up to 60k – 700 Credit – 5 years time in business & same address

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sprinter vans, sprinter van financing

The Easiest Way to Get Sprinter Vans | First Capital Business Finance

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