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Bad Credit Loans Can Save Your Business

Bad Credit Loans Can Save Your Business
Bad credit loans are something you never thought you’d consider. When you inherited the family business you thought you’d expand on the lessons your father learned. But the only thing you learned was that your father was years in debt. There are so many unpaid or past due bills you don’t know where to start. Worse still, the equipment your father swore by is now breaking down. With the repairs added to the list, you wonder if it’s better to fold. “Might as well. It’s the only way I can see paying anyone, let alone everyone,” you say to your friend one night. That’s when your friend suggests the impossible. “Why not get a loan? That might help things.” “A loan?” you scoff. ” Are you crazy? Our credit rating is practically 0. We can’t get a loan now!” “Not just any loan,” your friend says. “A bad credit loan.” You give your friend a puzzled look. “You mean bad credit loans are a thing?” Yes, they are. Read on if you want to know how bad credit loans can save your business.

Save Your Business! 

Use Credit Karma to keep tabs on your score 24/7 for free.

Yes, You Can Get a Loan With Bad Creditbad credit loans

When it comes to loans, pop culture often paints a negative picture. In the movie adaption of The Little Rascals, the kids try to get a loan. The six words they accidentally overhear a banker say explains it all:
“Six kids. Hardworking father. Loan DENIED.”
With one-line jokes like these, it’s easy to see why loans stress you out. You’re basically being told that loans are not an option for you, that your credit has to be perfect to even look for a loan. And while it can feel that way with some lenders (like banks), loans can be an option for you. But before we go over the types of bad credit loans out there, let’s first go over credit scores.

Credit Scoresbad credit loans

The first thing you should realize about credit scores is that you have two of them. Yes, two: your personal credit score and your business credit score. Your business score is calculated a lot like your personal score. How much debt you have and how well you keep up with your company’s bills all factor into the total score. Another thing that factors into credit scores is how well you keep up with loans. So before you look into bad credit loans, be sure to check out your scores. If you’re worried that checking your score will hurt it, don’t be. You can check your credit score for free once a year with companies like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion without it affecting your score. Or you can use Credit Karma to keep tabs on your score 24/7 for free. Then, once you have a handle on your scores, you can move on to debt assessment and researching bad credit loans.

Get the Bad Credit Loans You Need

Equipment Financingbad credit loans

Let’s say you take a hard look at your finances and realize that your biggest problem is the equipment. You need to either replace or repair the bulk of it. You might feel so overwhelmed by everything that you think it’s better to fold. We understand this feeling. Financial situations like this always seem more dire than they actually are. And despite what you might be thinking, there are bad credit loans for just this problem. Equipment financing allows you to get the money you need to repair, or even upgrade your equipment. You could even rent new equipment to test it out before deciding to buy.

Alternative financiers can fund loans ranging from $5,000 to $5,000,000.

Business Loans from Alternative Financiersbad credit loans

Suppose your equipment is in order and you just need some funds to keep you flush for a while. Or maybe you need some funds to keep your bills in check. Consider a business loan from an alternative financier. Unlike banks, alternative financiers have many programs for businesses that need bad credit loans. Not only that, but alternative financiers also have much more relaxed qualifications. It won’t matter how long you’ve been in business or how much you need to borrow. They can fund loans ranging from $5,000 to $5,000,000. Plus, you’ll get your money in 24 hours. With getting funds that fast you’ll be able to take charge of your finances and save your business.

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Bad Credit Loans Can Save Your Business | First Capital Business Finance
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