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Old School Business Practices That Need To Make a Comeback

Old School Business Practices That Need To Make a Comeback

Heavy Equipment Financing

Today businesses have a wealth of technological advances at their disposal that can make things go faster and more efficiently. Although many of these advances are a saving grace and help keep business up to speed in the competition of their industry, there are many old school business practices of yesteryear that have fallen by the wayside with some negative consequences. What are some good old school business practices that we need to see in today’s businesses?

Phone Calls

There are a multitude of ways to communicate today, however, the problem with most of our modern communication techniques is that they do not require immediate responses. Messaging and emails can sit ignored for long periods of time. This can be detrimental to your business. When you need answers or information you need it as soon as possible. Although many new forms of communication tout that it can make information exchange quicker, in some instances it can slow information down. If someone can ignore you, they just might. If you call someone on the phone, they are more likely to answer, probably because they are just shocked they received a phone call, but at any rate you will get a quicker response. In business it is often imperative to put people on the spot in order to get the information you need. Phone calls do this. Having phone access to your clients and business partners is very important, and we understand how hectic projects can be. At First Capital you can always give us a call at 888-565-6692 for heavy equipment financing, business loans, equipment leasing, cash advances and other types of financing.

Thank You Notes

Showing sincere hand written appreciation to customers or clients is huge these days. Why is it huge? Because it is so rare. Businesses have become huge, computerized, inhuman systems in many cases. The fact is humans still like human contact. When a business makes the effort to show appreciation in a very human way it sends a big message and it makes a big impact. Obviously a business owner can’t take the time to write handwritten thank you notes to every single person they encounter in their business day, but once a week or a few times a month pick out a few important individuals that have contributed to the success of your business that week or month and write them a thank you note. This literally takes only a few minutes but will have a huge lasting effect.

Pay Attention

Of all the things we have lost in our new age of technology, the art of paying attention to only what is happening at the moment is one of the greatest of our losses. The ever present cell phone, even politely buzzing on vibrate, is constantly nagging at our attention. This makes it almost impossible to truly connect in the way employers and employees would have in years gone by. If you and your employees struggle with paying attention during meetings or during other types of interactions create an “Undivided Attention Zone.” This can be a small corner of your office, or a specific meeting room where all devices are off limits. The devices cannot enter this space. When you really need to connect with your employees for meetings or even just a quick one on one with someone ask them to join you in this zone. Even turning our cell phones to vibrate is not enough to disconnect us from the device and connect us to the person who is trying to share information with us.

Meet Face to Face

Face to face meetings are quickly becoming another one of these old school business practices. This is not good for today’s business owners. There are so many things that you simply cannot learn from an email or a conference call that you could learn from a face to face meeting. Another thing that business owners are cheating themselves on is the opportunity to have gut instincts. When you meet with customers, clients or investors face to face you give yourself the benefit of gut instincts about the person. Gut instincts can be very important when it comes to the safety and future of your business. It’s hard to develop a gut instinct from an email. Meet with people who are going to be an integral part of your business. Contact us today at [phone], fill out our short form, or chat with us for more information about old heavy equipment financing. Old School Business Practices That Need To Make a Comeback | First Capital Business Finance
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