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Financing Big Rig Trucks After A Repossession

Big Rig Trucks After A Repossession

Yes, You Can Finance A Commercial Truck Even With A Previous Repossession!

One of the most common questions we’ve been seeing are from truck drivers who have had the unfortunate experience with losing a vehicle to a repossession. If you had to go through a similar misfortune, First Capital Business Finance has the ability to extend financing to business owners who are seeking financing for semi trucks, trailers or heavy equipment. We believe in giving the second chance to business owners who have a desire to grow their business.

This program is specific to trucks, trailers, vehicles, heavy equipment and manufacturing equipment used for the business. Even with bad credit we have the ability to offer financing; this includes recent bankruptcies, foreclosures, past due payments, just about anything that might be challenging for your traditional lender we believe those challenges shouldn’t limit you from your business goals!

At this point you might be wondering: How is this even possible? Most other banks and lenders will not finance anyone who has had a previous repossession, even if the repossession was on a regular non-commercial vehicle. Unlike these other financing institutions, First Capital Business Finance believes in giving a second chance.

Our Requirements For Financing If You Had A Previous Repossession

  • Vehicle or Trailer you’re buying must be a minimum sale price of $20,000
  • Must be current on child support
  • Must have a CDL if the vehicle requires a commercial drivers license
  • Must have 50% down payment
  • No Minimum credit score required
  • No proof of income required
  • Vehicle or Trailer must be used for business, we do not finance for consumer use

If you qualify, and would like to apply please give us a call at 888-565-6692

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