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What Are My Commercial Semi-Truck Financing Options? How To Get A Truck With Commercial Semi-Truck Financing

Commercial Semi-Truck Financing

According to the American Trucking Associations, over 90% of trucking companies have less than six trucks. Convoy estimates that over 10% of drivers are owner-operators. That means small businesses primarily drive the trucking industry. If you’re interested in becoming an owner-operator, semi truck financing gives you the terms you need to buy the right vehicle. At First Capital Business Finance, we provide customized truck finance options that adapt to your business more than traditional loans ever could.

Semi Truck Finance Options That Colors Outside the Lines


Custom Semi Truck Finance | First Capital Business Finance

Traditional financing can be frustrating for any business, but especially for smaller transportation businesses and owner-operators. Conventional bank loans come with tons of strings attached and strict credit score requirements. If you choose a traditional lender, you’re going to discover the process is inflexible. You either meet the numbers, or you don’t.

At First Capital Business Finance, we’re completely different. We think that there should be multiple ways to reach your company’s goals. We help you find a truck finance solution that gets you into your ideal semi truck and stays within your budget. Small business owners can comfortably expand without risking their company to do it. If you’re looking for alternative financing for trucking with excellent interest rates, you’ve come to the right place.

Commercial Truck Financing for Any Transportation Vehicle

Transportation opportunities in local markets can vary widely. You may be an owner-operator searching for a refrigerated vehicle to carry goods from coast to coast. Or you may be a small business owner looking to deliver products in a wider area. We provide commercial truck finance for any need:

  • Day cab semi trucks
  • Sleeper cabs
  • Dry bulk trucks
  • Car haulers
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Box trucks
  • Tankers
  • Refrigerated trailers
  • Heavy-duty tractor-trailers
  • Tow trucks
  • Dump trucks

These are just some of the options. Whether your business focuses on local deliveries or long-haul trucking, we can help you buy the vehicle you need. We take care of specialized vehicles, such as demolition, trash removal, and utility trucks.

Commercial Semi-Truck Financing Easy for Owner-Operators To Qualify For

If you’re tired of getting turned down for traditional loans, we understand completely. It’s not easy for owner-operators and small businesses to meet the strict requirements of conventional banks. All it takes is one customer who takes too long to pay you, and all of a sudden, your credit history gets into trouble.

That’s why trucking companies love working with us. We have much lower requirements for approval:

  • Low credit scores are OK
  • Startups and new drivers are fine
  • We help businesses after a bankruptcy
  • There are no minimum CDL requirements
  • You don’t have to worry about submitting financial records or tax returns

We’re adaptable with qualification requirements. It would be best if you never had perfect credit or even good credit. We can always provide financing for companies with a credit score of 540 and above, and sometimes we go below that for dedicated owners.

Custom Semi Truck Finance | First Capital Business Finance

Flexible Commercial Semi-Truck Financing for Your Business’s Needs

How can we provide such flexible financing? Well, your company’s credit history isn’t that important with commercial semi-truck financing because the truck acts as collateral for the loan. We can offer great interest rates, comfortable terms and low down payment options even if you’re a new owner-operator or your business has credit issues.

Custom Semi Truck Finance and Payment Structures


We take a custom approach to financing. We care more about your attitude than your experience. When we see business owners willing to go the extra mile for customers — an advantage of small businesses — we do the same. We listen to your needs and help.

How does our customized commercial semi-truck financing work? We let you choose the right combination of down payment, loan amount, interest rates, and truck for your needs.

You can get a down payment of 2.5%–5% or pick a higher down payment and get even better interest rates. We explain everything clearly and show you all the options. Then, we let you choose what works best for your business goals. There are never hidden fees or surprises.

One-on-One Truck Finance Assistance Options

With the economy rebounding in 2021, demands for freight carriers are going through the roof. Now’s a great time to buy a semi truck. Contact our First Capital Business Financing team today to find the ideal commercial truck financing for your needs. Getting started is a breeze, and the benefits are incredible. We work with you one-on-one to help you choose the best commercial semi-truck financing possible.


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What Are My Semi Truck Finance Options? How To Get A Truck With Semi-Truck Financing | First Capital Business Finance

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