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Kiosk POS Technology Takes Restaurants to the Next Level

Kiosk POS Technology Takes Restaurants to the Next Level
Your restaurant is doing well but you’ve been wondering about ways to take your eatery to the next level. “Is there some new tech out there can really help my business? And could I afford it through restaurant equipment financing?” If you’ve been wanting to up your restaurant game and boost business, read on to learn about Kiosk POS technology and how it could elevate your restaurant.

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Kiosk POS technology could save you time and move lines faster.

Why Should I Upgrade?restaurant equipment financing

With the way things are these days, you might think you’re the last restaurant on the block to consider kiosk POS technology. But according to a survey completed by The National Restaurant Association, many owners like yourself are hesitant to purchase kiosk POS systems. “Why spend money when I ring people up now just fine?” We get it. If your current POS system works well, it might seem frivolous to buy something new. And while this can be true in some cases, there are a lot of good reasons to consider upgrading your POS. Like time.

Improve Order Timerestaurant equipment financing

Picture this a moment: You have a new employee running the register. It’s their first week and they are still learning. You try your best to train and them and make sure that a seasoned employee is nearby to help. But then, after a few more mistakes, you start to wonder if they’ll ever improve. What’s worse, the customers at the end of your long line are starting to leave. This is never a good sign. As you have probably already figured out, people want food fast and if they can’t get it fast at your place, they’ll go somewhere else. With a kiosk POS, you wouldn’t have this problem. Not only does the latest POS tech cut down on employee errors, but it also shortens order times so long lines move quick. And quicker lines means more customers and better earnings.

Improve Your Order Time

Kiosks can remember a customer’s custom equipment financing

Customer Want It

According to another article by the National Restaurant Association, it really matters how advanced your POS system is. People will actually choose a restaurant with an upgraded POS over others that don’t. If you don’t use restaurant equipment financing to get back in the game, you could be missing out. Not just with customers, but with repeat customers. Have you ever logged onto Netflix or Hulu to reconnect with your favorite show? Of course you have! And what makes it easy is that streaming services remember what you watch. The next time you want to catch up with the “The Big 3” from This Is Us all you have to do is long on. You could do the same with your point of sale systems. By storing purchase history, regular customers won’t have to tell you how they like their order. The kiosk will just remember. Plus, with all the options kiosks have, customers can customize their order exactly how they want it. Don’t want onions? Gone. Think another layer of pickles is in order? Added. With restaurant equipment financing you could get a POS system that allows customers to order what they really want, really fast.

Get What Customers Want

Kiosks are great for upselling.

Kiosks Can Upsell!restaurant equipment financing

“Okay,” you might be thinking. “This all sounds great, but can I really afford restaurant equipment financing for all this?” Believe it or not, you can. According to the same article linked above, kiosks are really good at upselling. How good? Just ask Wow Bao CEO Geoff Alexander. He added kiosk POS technology in 2008 and noticed that orders jumped from an average 89 cents per order to $1.49. He made so much money off those machines that he was able to make a return on the investment in as little as eight months. So while this seems like a huge cost now, in the long run, it’s truly a small cost.

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Kiosk POS Technology Takes Restaurants to the Next Level | First Capital Business Finance
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