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How Is Your Daily Time Managed?

Things To Do

Small Business Owners Have Multiple Tasks Everyday

As a small business owner you find yourself working long hours, and even long weeks. Every minute you can save throughout the day can result in more production for other tasks. A great way to make sure you accomplish all of your daily tasks is to create a “to-do” list the night before. As simple as it sounds, very few business owners use this method. By creating this daily task schedule, you are able to get a clearer picture on what your day looks like tomorrow. Sometimes you are able to avoid doing unnecessary tasks by writing this out. Especially in the beginning stages of starting a small business, your primary focus needs to be on generating revenue. Organizing your office or work area won’t generate you more revenue, nor will checking your email. Try to focus on following up on leads, which may include emailing them or answering emails from those leads. The next item I would consider working on would be exploring other avenues on marketing your business. Marketing as we all know is one of our largest expenses when running a business of any size. If you can take a little portion of your day to market your business to generate more customers, this will also result in some revenue. Referral marketing is another great and cost effective way to generate some business. Do all your personal and professional relationships know what your business does? You will be surprised how many people might relate or know someone that might be a future customer. If your business has not explored other ways of free advertising like social media, I would urge you to research how this method of marketing may be advantageous to your business. We covered in a previous post on how to market your business with a limited budget. The next action item on the list will be follow up. Try to focus on following up on leads, which may include emailing them or answering emails from those leads. Keep good record on conversations with your clients, if you are in retail it would be nice to know your past customers names if the next time the same customer came back. Having that good report with customers goes a long way and eventually will result in positive feedback, which could also be mentioned on social media and in return will result in more leads! And the last item on the daily list would be anything that can result in future business. What I mean by “future”, would be one month to 12 months out or more. For example, working on marketing campaigns like email. Also registering your business with,, and other business directories. These forms of advertising might not result in instant business but might produce leads and business in the future.

Plan For Business Expansion

If there is time at the end of the day, you can also work on your business plan for expanding your business. Depending on where you are at in your business, this may or may not be something you need to consider. But if you are at that stage or you see your business expanding in the next year or two, make sure you set yourself up financially and physically for the growth. Financially you need to make sure you have the ability to sustain the growth, if that means adding new employees, additional marketing or additional products. If you business is not in the position to expand due to cash flow, another alternative would be looking for either an unsecured business loan also know as a business cash advance, or a working capital loan. Either of these will give your business the ability to expand when the time comes. Don’t forget; try to make your daily list of action items the night before. It is usually best to make this list when you are not in the office and your mind has been clear from the current days work. Good luck, and happy planning!
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