The Importance of Working Capital for Construction Companies

The Importance of Working Capital for Construction Companies

Access to working capital plays an indispensable role in a business’s survival and growth. To ensure there is always cash in hand, proactive companies use elaborate cash flow forecasts to determine what they need money for and when. Some also rely on relationships with a construction equipment loan provider to spread out the initial cost […]

Debris Loader Financing Made Easy

Debris loader financing

There are many reasons why a growing or established business may need to seek funding to buy machinery. The funding reasons may range from bridging a temporary cash flow situation to a long-term objective like funding for expansion. Top Reasons Companies Seek Equipment Financing: Property development Working capital Import financing Franchise funding Purchasing machinery and […]

Financing Options for CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

CNC plasma cutting table financing

If you’re in the market to purchase a CNC Plasma Cutter, we offer a variety of financing and leasing programs for both new and used equipment. Financing your equipment is an excellent solution to preserve your working capital. What We Offer Traditional and non-traditional financing Programs for good and bad credit We have both traditional […]

What Can Businesses do to Survive the Cold Harsh Winter Ahead

Chrysler Building

What can your Business do During the Slow Time of Year? The Holidays are fast approaching. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are traditionally huge for the retail sector. Some costume, grocery, clothing and toy stores make over two thirds of their annual revenue in the next 3 months. But not all businesses are so lucky. The […]

If You Need A Working Capital Loan, Who Do You Call?

Working Capital Loan

Businesses today might have a greater need for working capital loans, more than ever. Even though it sounds like a broken record, our economy is still in the tank, and businesses aren’t as healthy as they were before. Companies today, might not have as much cash on hand, and if they have a need for […]

Do You Have A Fun Workplace?

Do You Have A Fun Workplace Environment - First Capital

Happier Work Environment Equals More Production! When I was in High School, I can recall one class that I can honestly say, was my favorite class. Normally I would pick my favorite subject as my favorite class, but this one class stood out from the rest. English was not my strongest subject, nor is it […]

Can Your Business Operate Even After A Disaster?

Disaster working capital loans

What if your employees couldn’t get to work due to a natural disaster? Yet the past event that occurred in Boston on Monday was not a natural disaster, I’m sure the surrounding businesses won’t be able to attend their workplace the following day or even the next couple of days. Depending on your location, there […]

Hiring Employees Is Like Picking Teammates For Dodge Ball In Grade School

Hiring Employees

Hire wisely, make sure they will be a perfect fit for your team! Chances are if you are running your own business, you probably were the team captain of dodge ball in grade school. Just like picking your teammates for dodge ball, you will be doing the same when hiring employees. If you want to […]

Can Sharks Teach You About Business?

Can Sharks Teach You About Business?

What You Need To Know When Pitching Your Investor The best education about raising working capital for a business can be found in your living room every Friday night! That’s right, the TV show Shark Tank is a great way for business owners to learn on what investors will want to know and expect when […]

Customer Feedback Can Increase Your Revenue

Customer Feedback

Do you know what your customers think of you? Understanding your products comes second to understanding your customers. There is so much you can learn about your business if you simply ask your past customers. They will tell you the good, the bad and the ugly. They have no reason to mislead you, they already […]