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Heavy Duty Tractor & Trailers Factoring

Heavy duty tractor & trailer factoring

Understanding Commercial Truck Factoring:

Commercial truck factoring is a financial solution tailored for trucking companies facing cash flow challenges. In this arrangement, trucking businesses sell their outstanding freight invoices to a third-party financial institution, known as a factoring company. Rather than waiting for clients to make payments on these invoices, trucking companies receive immediate cash from the factoring company. This quick infusion of working capital helps address critical operational expenses, such as fuel costs, driver salaries, and other necessities, ensuring the smooth continuation of their business activities. The factoring company takes on the responsibility of collecting payments from the clients, offering a practical and efficient way for trucking companies to optimize their cash flow.

Truck factoring is a great option for business owners looking to ensure continued company growth. If you’ve had trouble with having enough working capital or getting employees paid on time, then you should definitely look into heavy duty tractor and trailers factoring.

Read on to learn how truck factoring can help your business grow.

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Benefits of Heavy Duty Tractor and Trailers Factoring

The process of commercial truck factoring offers several key benefits to trucking businesses. One of the primary advantages is the ability to convert unpaid invoices into immediate cash, providing a reliable source of working capital. This financial flexibility empowers trucking companies to meet ongoing operational needs without the delays associated with waiting for payment. Additionally, by outsourcing the invoice collection process to the factoring company, trucking businesses can streamline their administrative tasks and focus on core operations. Commercial truck factoring emerges as a strategic financial tool, allowing trucking companies to navigate the challenges of the industry with improved cash flow and operational efficiency.

A tractor trailer is a transport vehicle consisting of a semi-tractor and attached trailer, as the pictures below show. In essence, it’s a large truck with a long trailer attached to its back.

However, they include more than just the typical farm tractor, and can also look like this:

heavy duty tractor and trailers factoring, truck factoring, tractor trailers factoring

These trucks can have flatbed trailers, dry van trailers, and even refrigerated trailers. Trailer length typically varies from 45′ to 53′ and width ranges from 96 to 102 inches. Usually made from steel, aluminum, or steel and aluminum combinations, heavy duty tractor and trailers have different suspension and axle settings to accommodate different tasks and satisfy state laws.

They’re used for a variety of reasons, including hauling:

  • lumber
  • building materials
  • flowers and plants
  • medicine and health products
  • rebar
  • flat, coiled, and channel steel
  • clothing
  • home goods
  • food
  • refrigerated or frozen food

No matter what you need your trucks for, First Capital Business Finance’s heavy duty tractor and trailers factoring can help you get and stay on the road to success.

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How Truck Factoring Works

Truck factoring works as a financial arrangement to address cash flow challenges faced by trucking companies. The process involves selling unpaid freight invoices to a third-party financial institution, commonly known as a factoring company. Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Invoice Submission: Trucking companies submit their freight invoices to the factoring company. These invoices represent payments owed by their clients for completed transportation services.

  2. Verification and Approval: The factoring company verifies the legitimacy of the submitted invoices and assesses the creditworthiness of the clients responsible for payment. Once approved, the factoring company agrees to purchase the invoices.

  3. Immediate Cash Advance: Upon approval, the factoring company provides the trucking company with an immediate cash advance, usually a percentage (e.g., 80-95%) of the total invoice value. This quick infusion of working capital helps address immediate financial needs.

  4. Invoice Collection: The factoring company assumes responsibility for collecting payment from the clients. They handle the invoicing and payment collection process, allowing the trucking company to focus on its core operations.

  5. Remaining Payment (Less Fees): Once the factoring company successfully collects payment from the clients, they deduct their fees – typically a percentage of the total invoice value – and remit the remaining balance to the trucking company.

  6. Continuous Cycle: Truck factoring operates as an ongoing cycle. As the trucking company completes new transportation services and generates new invoices, they can continually submit them to the factoring company for cash advances, ensuring a consistent and reliable cash flow.

Truck factoring provides a practical solution for trucking companies to overcome cash flow gaps, enabling them to meet operational expenses and sustain their business activities more efficiently.

Truck Factoring especially in the case of heavy duty tractor and trailers factoring, ensures your company has the proper capital to cover overhead costs, pay employees and contractors, and get the materials your business needs to succeed.

heavy duty tractor and trailers factoring, tractor trailers factoring, truck factoringBenefit #1: Everyone Gets Paid on Time

It’s a frustrating situation – for everyone involved.

Jim’s been on the road for hours and even delivered the load a bit early. Glad to be done, he calls his supervisor to report delivery.

The supervisor pauses for a moment, which makes Jim nervous. Then he says, “Jim, you’re doing a great job… But I simply can’t pay you for another day or two.”

Jim’s heart sinks. He’s heard this before.

A few days turns into a week, which turns into 2 weeks, which turns into a month.

Nobody wants to be in this situation. Jim especially, but also his supervisor doesn’t want late payments. He values his employees and wants to pay them on time and keep them happy and motivated.

But there’s a solution here to both sides of the issue: truck factoring.

 Sell your invoice to a factoring company, then you’ll have cash ready to use within 48 hours. Then we’ll collect the payment and give you the remainder minus a small fee.

heavy duty tractor and trailers factoring, truck factoringWith truck factoring, late payments is a thing of the past. No longer will your hard-working team have to wait 45-80 days to get paid. No longer will you lose frustrated employees due to numerous late payments.

Instead, you can keep everyone happy with on-time payments.

After you’ve delivered your load, the freight factoring company will pay up to 80% of what a company owes you. A company pays the factory company, who then gives you the difference for a small fee.

Make late payments a thing of the past.

Ever dealt with a company who keeps putting off payment? No one likes to make that uncomfortable call. With a freight factoring company, you won’t have to.

Not only will they collect payments, but they’ll also be able to see which companies are credit worthy enough to work with and will handle all calls on payments.

Factoring frees up more time for you to focus on delivering quality business that the companies you work with expect.

Heavy duty tractor and trailers factoring, truck factoringBenefit #2: You Don’t Have to Wait to Grow Your Business

With heavy duty tractor and trailers factoring, you’ll have cash instantly ready to use within 24-48 hours. You can literally have cash in your hand within 2 days for your business.

A steady flow of capital is key to keeping your business running and growing.

You can fund your payroll without waiting.

You can get the money you need for essential business items.

And you can keep on growing your business – without any interruptions.

Best of all, pre-approval is fast and easy, and bad credit is not a problem.

Benefit #3: Bad Credit Won’t Hold You Back

Maybe you’ve tried to get a business loan with bad credit and it didn’t go well. Whatever the case, First Capital can help you get the capital you need, no matter how bad your credit score is.

First things first, though – take a look at your credit score with an app like Credit Karma. When you use Credit Karma, you can check your credit score 24/7, 365, and it won’t hurt your credit score.

heavy duty tractor and trailers factoring, truck factoring

Once you know your score, contact First Capital Business Finance at [phone number=”888-939-1036″]. Our experts can give you more information on your options and how to make truck factoring work for you and your business. Yes, even if your credit score sucks, we can help you!

And we’ll help you without all the crazy penalties, insanely high interest rates, and fees a bank would give you.

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Interested in truck factoring, or heavy duty tractor and trailer factoring? First Capital Business Finance is one of the largest and most trusted truck factoring companies in the country.

Give us a call today at phone number 888-565-6692. Our experts can walk you through your options, give you more information, and help you get approved the same day. What are you waiting for? Contact us today.

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