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Forestry Equipment Financing

Forestry Equipment Financing

Get the Forestry Equipment Financing You Need

Need logging equipment financing?

As long as there is a need for wood, there is a need for logging companies. When there’s a need for logging companies, there’s also a need for logging equipment financing.

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But first, read on to learn more about financing your logging equipment.

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Finance Your Logging Equipment

People use wood in more products than you might think including new constructs, furniture, paper, clothing, toys, boats, fencing and so much more. The list is extensive. Even the forms that are used to create concrete block and brick are made of wood.

Land clearing, milling, and agricultural services are also in high demand on a regular basis as well. In fact, the U.S. produces more forest products than any other place in the world – and that fact doesn’t seem to be changing anytime in the near future.

The U.S. produces more forest products than anywhere else in the world.



One of the most rugged and demanding work environments is forestry.

It can certainly wear out your equipment and vehicles quickly. Logging equipment financing is a quick way to replenish your equipment, vehicles, tools, and more without spending every bit of capital you have on hand.

You really do need the best equipment you can find in this line of work, but making a cash purchase in this situation is usually a little more than most companies can handle all at once.

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Examples of Logging Equipment We Finance:

Here are some of the equipment pieces you may find yourself needing, or needing to replace other than log trucks, trailers, and saws.

Log Skidder

Log skidders are any kind of heavy vehicle. Usually, you have them tracked or on wheels. They pull felled trees from the cutting site by a process known as “skidding.”

You can also use them for uprooting tree stumps, shoving down small trees, and also grading out a “skid road,” or a path on which the logging vehicles will come and go.


Yet another tool you can finance with our logging equipment financing, a harvester is a heavy forestry vehicle used to fell, delimb and buck trees.

It is most often used along with a forwarder that often transports logs to a landing area. People can use them on many types of terrain, from the very level up to moderately steep, when clearing forested areas.

They can efficiently take the place of manually cutting trees down, a tactic now only reserved for the most extreme situations.

This includes severely steep terrain that cannot ascend by vehicles and heavy machinery.


A forwarder is a vehicle that carries cut logs from the cutting to a landing area.

This works very much like a skidder except that the forwarder does not allow the log to touch the ground, which is better for soil conservation.

There is less erosion of the soil and much of the ground is left undamaged. The only drawback is that there is a limit to the size of the logs it is able to transport, so it works better for smaller trees.


Delimbers remove branches from trees that have already been cut down. You usually mount them to a hydraulic excavator.

Various different kinds existed through the years, including chain flail, stroke, pull-through, gate, and slide bottom delimbers.

They are all powered in different ways, but they all effectively finish the job. Delimbers today are very efficient and quick when compared to their ancestors of long ago.

feller buncherFeller Buncher

A feller buncher is a motorized harvesting vehicle that cuts several trees at once or in a row, scooping them up before they even have a chance to fall.

The base features a device that grabs the tree.

Then it uses a built-in saw to cut the tree off at its base and then stacks it neatly to load onto a skidder or forwarder.

This is a very efficient means of clearing large areas of new growth.

You can use trees for a variety of different tasks.

Stump Shear

You primarily use a stump shear to cut large stumps up into sizes that are more manageable before going into the grinder.

They are mounted on large excavator bases and used on just about every logging site. Hydraulics power some, but not all of them.

tub grinderTub Grinder

A tub grinder winds up waste wood when clearing land or recycling unusable wood.

It’s called a “tub” grinder because the grinder portion of the machine feeds from a large, circular tub area.

Depending on the size of the machine, it can grind from several to several hundred pounds very quickly and efficiently.

Road Sweeper

Road sweeper clear debris off of paved roads. The dirt, rocks, bark, and other debris left behind on the road as logging vehicles move across can be a safety hazard.

It is much easier to use a road sweeper (usually mounted behind a small tractor) than it is for the truck and equipment drivers to stop and clean their tires before moving on every time. One or the other, however, must be complete to comply with safety standards.


You use a sawbuck to hold large pieces of wood in place while slicing them into smaller pieces.

Usually resembling an “X” on each end joined by crossbars, you can sometimes make them from rough materials, but these do not usually tend to last very long.

Some may know these as “sawhorses,” though the name is usually “sawhorse” when speaking of devices to support the cutting of other types of wood, for other purposes.

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While this is not an extensive list of all the vehicles and machinery that your business needs to effectively operate a forestry or logging type business, it does give you a look into the basics. With the help of logging equipment financing, you can get the equipment you need for your business.

If you need new equipment to replace existing pieces that may have, or soon will wear out, or you need to upgrade because your business is growing, contact First Capital Business Finance. We can help you get the logging equipment financing you need for all the equipment it takes to help grow your business today.

Whether you have good or bad credit, we can find a program that can help you! Call us today at [phone number=””] or pre-qualify for your loan online! It’s time to get the money you and your business deserve.

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