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How Commercial Equipment Leasing Can Jump-Start Your Business

How Commercial Equipment Leasing Can Jump-Start Your Business
Commercial equipment leasing can open new doors for your business. As we wrote in a recent post about ‘How Heavy Equipment Financing Can Help You Stay Competitive’, it can help grow your business, diversify your operations, accelerate your timeline, or upgrade your equipment. Just like heavy equipment financing, commercial equipment leasing is available to a wide range of industries. These include a great variety of small businesses, franchises businesses, enterprise corporations, non-profit organizations, and even independent contractors.

What Kind of Equipment is Commercial Leasing Designed For?

Commercial equipment leasing is designed to get you the equipment you need to fulfill your major contracts. These can range from construction equipment to tractor trailers, as well as restaurant equipment, and just about anything that is related to your business. Although heavy equipment remains the easiest equipment to finance (aka ‘yellow iron financing’), we can also provide financing on other essential equipment, especially technology, big data, and computers. This includes computers, servers, cabling, phone systems.

Equipment Financing for Established Companies AND Start-Ups

Generally speaking, while some forms of leasing programs for business require that a company be at least 2 years old, we have a variety of popular niche programs designed specifically for start-ups. These programs can require proof of a formed business, like a business license or a formed Corporation or LLC. With the right kind of deal in place, however, nothing’s impossible.

Jump-Start Your Business

When you jump-start a car, you transfer energy from a first car that has more than enough energy to a second car that needs a small boost. Without this boost, the second will not get started. It will not go anywhere. Nor will it fulfill its potential. And it certainly will not make an impact on the world. Similar to this second car, your business may need a small boost to getting it moving in the right direction, fulfill its potential, and make an impact on the world. Unfortunately, jump-starting a business isn’t quite as easy as jump-starting a car. The energy needed is just not available. Even the most gracious good samaritan will be hard pressed to hand-over $100,000+ just to get you started. You just cannot jump-start a rocket engine with a Honda Civic. So where do you go to get this energy boost? Who do you ask? If you haven’t guessed, the answer is a business finance company, such as First Capital Business Finance. Our commercial equipment leasing programs are designed to help jump-start your business.

Benefits of Leasing Business Equipment

There are many benefits to leasing your business equipment, rather than direct purchase or traditional financing programs. Financing allows you to:
  1. Keep cash in your bank account, where you need it most. Our minimal down payment programs are some of the best in the industry.
  2. Keep up-to-date and at the fore-front of emerging technologies.
  3. Save valuable time compared to the process of traditional financing.
  4. Reduce your overall risk and cost. You are not the owner, and some leases may even include maintenance.
  5. Qualify for relevant tax deductions. (Note, we are not tax professionals. We advise you to speak to your tax preparation company or accountant for complete details.)
  6. Equipment leases are short-term, 24-60 months. This allows you to evaluate the equipment prior to making an eventual purchase.
  7. Equipment leases are available for both new and used assets.

Learn More About Commercial Equipment Leasing

You can learn more about leasing business equipment, bad credit or bankruptcy financing programs, or even business cash advances by following the links, or contacting a financing specialist. Contact us online, call us today at [phone]. We look forward to discussing the best way to grow your business through one of our popular business financing programs. How Commercial Equipment Leasing Can Jump-Start Your Business | First Capital Business Finance
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