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The Economic Impact: How Excavator Financing Boosts Productivity

excavator financing loans

In the realm of business growth, strategic investments are often key drivers of efficiency and productivity. Among these investments, the acquisition of excavators stands out as a significant contributor. This blog explores the positive economic effects of businesses investing in excavators, emphasizing the role of proper financing in realizing their full potential. Strategic Investments for […]

Unlocking Growth: Financing Options for Forestry Logging Operations

forestry logging loans for equipement

In the world of forestry & logging, the need for financial support is crucial to sustain and expand operations. Whether you are a seasoned logger or a new entrant in the industry, understanding the various financing options available is essential for growth and success. First Capital Business Finance recognizes the unique challenges faced by forestry […]

Top 10 Small Business Ideas for 2024

Top 10 Small Business Ideas for 2024

Business Ideas to Inspire Your Next Move   Starting a small business is a dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs need to keep their full-time job, while they grow their business. The ideas we will explore will allow just that, keeping your full-time job as you start your own business with your spare time. […]

FAQ Guide To Business Equipment Finance Service at First Capital

FAQ Guide To Business Equipment Finance Service at First Capital

It’s no secret that buying quality commercial equipment is expensive. If you’re a small business owner, you likely can’t afford to pay out of pocket to get the equipment your business needs to thrive. That’s why we’re here. At First Capital Business Finance, we understand the needs and challenges of small business owners looking to purchase the right […]

How Commercial Truck Financing Works

How Commercial Truck Financing Works

Commercial trucks are vital equipment for companies that need to haul goods, make deliveries, or transport materials. However, semi-truck financing can be a challenge for many business owners because of the substantial costs involved. Commercial truck financing is an option for businesses that don’t have the budget to purchase a truck outright. How Commercial Truck […]

Positive Year: Increase in Financing Demand Compared to 2024

Equipment Financing Demand

The seek for financing by startup contractors for construction equipment seems to have increased this year, as mentioned by First Capital Business Finance president, Dustin Doi. Many of these startups are rejected by banks, because with less than two years in the business, they are usually considered as “high risk” which leaves them without many […]

What Are The Semi Truck Financing Requirements?

Big Rig Trucks After A Repossession

What Are The Semi Truck Financing Requirements That You Need To Qualify? Is it time to grow your transportation business? Semi truck financing can help you reach your goals. The right loan or lease makes it easy to get the trucks and equipment you need. What are the requirements?The specific semi truck financing requirements depend […]

Get the Equipment You Need With Bobcat Equipment Financing and Leasing

Bobcat Equipment Financing and Leasing

Welcome to First Capital’s dedicated space for Bobcat Equipment Financing and Leasing The key to unlocking the potential of your projects. Bobcat equipment is synonymous with versatility and efficiency, and we understand the crucial role it plays in various industries. At First Capital, we are committed to supporting businesses in acquiring the Bobcat equipment they […]

Understanding Heavy Equipment Finance Rates

Heavy equipment financing

If you are searching for equipment loans for bad credit, you are probably concerned about finance rates. Several factors play into the cost of financing equipment. This guide will help you understand how heavy equipment financing rates work. Factors That Affect Your Equipment Loans for Bad Credit Financing Rates When you are looking for equipment […]

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