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Blast Chiller Financing

Blast Chiller Financing
Keeping your food fresh and protecting the integrity and taste of your food is a priority. We understand the need for quality equipment in your kitchen, and it can be a challenge to obtain the right financing when purchasing restaurant equipment. First Capital Business Finance offers a variety of programs for our clients. Whether you have good or challenging credit, we can assist you in obtaining financing options that best suit your needs.

How Does a Blast Chiller Work?

A blast chiller delivers a surge of cold air to food and beverages. This blast of air rapidly cools or freezes them, providing a fast track to safe preservation. When food products freeze slowly, they often lose their quality. Vegetables become limp, bread stiffens, and prepared dishes can start losing their flavor. A blast chiller dramatically cuts down on freeze time to help foods retain their texture and flavor.

Why Do I Need a Blast Chiller?

A blast chiller can dramatically improve the way your kitchen functions. Time is money, and you need to install fixtures that will help you streamline operations and improve quality. A blast chiller offers several benefits to assist your kitchen and improve your overall efficiency.

Save Time With Finished Dishes

While freshly prepared food is always best, it’s not always possible to make every item from scratch the moment it is ordered. A blast chiller helps preserve made-from-scratch dishes so you can prepare them ahead of time and cook them later. With a blast chiller, you can prepare individual components of the dish or an entire meal for later cooking.

Also, a blast chiller can quickly freeze baked goods like pies without damaging their flavor and texture. As a result, you can have your bakery chef come in on a few select days and provide homemade goods that you’ll serve throughout the week.

Improve Frozen Treats

Frozen treats that chill slowly develop large ice crystals. These ice crystals damage the quality and flavor of the product. You can keep ice cream and other frozen desserts smooth and delicious with a blast chiller.

Enhance Your Menu Options

Some menu options are nearly impossible to source fresh year-round. With a blast chiller, you can save money by buying in bulk when the price is right and safely keep gourmet goods on hand. Shellfish is a prime example. You can freeze clams and oysters safely for later use. When thawed slowly, these products will taste as though you just got them.

Chef Using Blast Chiller

What type of financing is available?

First Capital Business Finance offers 24 – 60 month terms, and we have programs that can finance up to $2 million in transactions and as little as $5,000. We can provide financing for startups and existing businesses, and blast chiller financing is available through our equipment leasing department. We understand that some business owners might have difficulty obtaining financing through traditional means like through their bank or credit union. That’s where we shine. We are the premier alternative solution for financing businesses.
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