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This Program Pays for Half the Cost of a New Truck

Program pays half the cost of a new truck

Looking into replacing an old truck with a newer model, but don’t have the capital to do it?

Green Operator, semi truck financing, commercial truck financing If you’re looking to replace a truck but don’t have the capital to do it, First Capital can help. Commercial truck financing and semi truck financing is easy with First Capital, even if you have bad credit. First Capital offers a myriad of financing programs to fit your budget and get your company the equipment it needs fast. No matter your credit score, we can get you what you need! If you still need some help with getting a truck or want newer models but can’t afford it, there’s another great option to pair with your First Capital financing: the Green Operator program. Check it out in the blog post below and contact us at 888-565-6692 to get pre-approved for semi truck financing or commercial truck financing today! Get Truck Financing!

We have a solution for you: The Green Operator Program.

Green Operator Program, commercial truck financing

What is the Green Operator Program?

  • Established in July 2017 by the Port of Virginia
  • Helps businesses pay for updated trucking fleets
  • Aims to modernize fleets, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, and help the environment
  • Has committed $730,000 to replace older vehicles with modernized lower emissions trucks
Recognizing the need to modernize the drayage truck fleet and reduce the fuel and maintenance costs incurred by truck owners, The Port of Virginia created the Green Operator Program to incentivize truck owners to replace early model trucks with newer trucks equipped with clean-diesel technology.
As the first voluntary truck replacement program ever developed by a US port, the Green Operator Program is revolutionary. To date, it is the most successful clean-truck program in the United States, and has replaced over 400 trucks while reducing harmful emissions from trucks servicing the Port by as much as 25%. Best of all, they’ve helped businesses get the equipment they need to meet their goals. semi truck financing, commercial truck financing, Green Operator

Interested? Here’s how to apply:

To apply for this program, you need to complete two easy steps. You have 60 days to complete the application process. Once accepted into the program, you have 45 days to purchase your new truck and provide all required information and documents. Please note that this is for businesses within the state of Virginia. For more information, contact Green Operator at [phone number=”804-482-1790″]. Learn More

Get Truck Financing with First Capital Business Finance Today!

If you’re looking for financing on semi trucks or commercial trucks – or a myriad of other equipment we finance – First Capital Business Finance can make it happen, even if your credit score is bad. Contact us today online or at 888-565-6692 to get pre-approved and discuss financing with an expert. Get in Touch With Us This Program Pays for Half the Cost of a New Truck | First Capital Business Finance
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