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Do Not Sell Your Clients, Provide Value for Them

Do Not Sell Your Clients, Provide Value for Them
The market place today is very tricky especially to the seller. The buyer today has become so knowledgeable of the market thanks to the many sellers and an influx of information especially from Google! Almost any product you present on the market today, the customer knows much about it. They know much about other similar products in the market, and they could have used the product before and maybe been left disappointed. As such, convincing a buyer that your product is worth their money can be quite challenging. What every businessperson should realize is that all the customer wants is value for their money. “Is your product worth the money you are asking for?” As such, the challenge is convincing the customer that your product actually fits the quoted money value. Below we will look at ways you can present value to the client rather than trying to sell to the customer.

Carefully choose the target market

Before setting out to sell your business, carefully choose your target market. You could have the best steak in town but targeting vegetarians may not be the best target group. For the best business, it would be best to target a market that actually has a need for your product. Apart from needing your product, they should be able to afford the product. If you sell luxury cars, it would do you more good setting up shop uptown rather than downtown. Customers will readily buy what they individually perceive to be of value and price is of secondary concern. Choose your target market wisely and your efforts will be repaid more abundantly.

Leverage the value of the product

People today buy value, as such; you need to show them that your product is of true value. If your customer has used a similar product in the past and been disappointed, you need to be able to convince the customer that your product is better than any other similar products in the market and that they will not be  disappointed. This could be done by giving intricate information about the origin of the product, its composition, and maybe the authorities that have endorsed the product.

Provide the very best customer support

Many businesspersons make the mistake of seeming too detached from making any personal commitment towards truly helping the customers. Many sellers are in a rush to close the deal and move to the next client. The customers will most of the time notice this and they will pull back from the deal. A dedicated seller who takes time to explain all details and practically show the customer how to use a product is more likely to make a sale. It is natural for a customer to want to reward the seller for taking time to help them make purchasing decisions.

Give the customer assurances that minimize the customer’s risk

When a potential client wants to make a purchase, they are always hesitant due to the fear of engaging in a deal that they will later regret. The businessman who will be able to assure the customer that there is no chance of failure or that in case of any problem there is a solution, will be able to make more sales.
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