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4 Traits of Successful Business Owners

Successful Business Owners

Restaurant Equipment Leasing

Becoming a business owner is a huge undertaking, especially in the restaurant business. You might find that expenses are higher than expected, or you need a new piece of equipment right away to replace an older unit. First Capital provides restaurant equipment leasing for anything you might need. Not everyone who sets out on the path of business ownership is exactly prepared for what lies ahead of them. However, just because an individual may lack a few traits that make entrepreneurs truly successful, does not mean you cannot learn these traits and realize your true potential in the long run. Most successful business owners and entrepreneurs have certain traits in common. Of course there are exceptions to the rules. We all know some wildly successful business owners who seems to have the type of personality that would lend itself better to being the warden of a maximum security prison rather than the head of a successful business, but in general, the following traits are present in most instances of success. If you feel like you lack one of these traits, that’s ok. There is still time to hone these skills and work on your weak spots.


Tenacity is a nice word for stubbornness. A tenacious person is the kind of person who when hearing they can’t do something, will try a hundred times harder to do just that thing. Many people consider stubbornness a bad trait, so why is it important to the success of your business? The reason tenacity is important is because most business ventures are going to be met with periods of failure. These failures and bumps in the road, however, do not mean your business was not meant to be, or that you were not meant to be a business. That would be like saying just because a baby falls down while trying to learn to walk he is not meant to walk! That would be crazy. A baby will fall down a hundred times, get up a hundred times, and before long you can’t keep up with him he’s walking so well. Bumps and failures are part of the nature of a business venture. Those who stick to their ambition and plans will succeed.


You started your business because you felt passionate about it. If you have a restaurant, you likely felt passion for food and for providing others with a memorable dining experience. Passion is the engine that runs your entire operation. If you lose your passion for your project then you will lose your tenacity, service to your customers will turn mediocre, sales will fall off and you are dead in the water. Passion is vital. However, it is true that passion lags sometimes. If you ever sense that passion is lagging it is a good sign that changes need to be made or you need to refill your passion tank. You can do this by attending conventions in your field of service, taking classes in order to learn how to provide new services, or changing up the services you offer your customers. When changing up your services, you’ll often find you need new equipment; this is where First Capital Business Finance can help by providing restaurant equipment leasing so you can keep your passion strong.


This may seem like an odd trait to list when discussing business ownership, but in the end most of your success will be dependent upon your courage. How well do you handle your fear? There can be a lot of fear associated with business ownership; fear of failure, fear of disappointing others, fear of embarrassment, fear of pressure. Your courage is not manifested by having no fear, your courage is manifested in how your handle your fear. Do you have workable coping skills to help you face these fears and uncertainties, or do you fold under pressure and want to wash your hands of the entire project. Even if you do struggle in this respect you can learn to control your fear, move past it and find solutions to the issues that causes you distress.


This may seem a contradiction to the previous point on stubbornness, but you can be flexible while also sticking to your guns. A flexible business owner is one is humble and teachable. You are willing to learn from others, even  your own employees. You don’t necessarily just want your way, you want what is best for your company. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your business with restaurant equipment leasing, give First Capital Business Finance a call today at 888-565-6692, chat with us, or fill out our short form for more information.
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