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Bad Credit Heavy Equipment Financing

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Heavy Equipment Financing for All Credit Scores

Heavy Equipment Financing isn’t impossible if you’ve got bad credit.

If your business has bad credit or less-than-perfect credit, it’s not impossible to get heavy equipment financing. We offer an extensive range of bad credit business loans for business owners who want to start afresh. 

First Capital Business Finance can get you the heavy equipment financing you need today. Scroll down to see some of the heavy equipment we finance, both new and used!


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Here’s How First Capital Can Help You – Today!

  • A wide range of heavy equipment financing programs
  • Programs for all credit scores (good, bad, and in between)
  • Simple, fast pre-approval process for bad credit business loans
  • Friendly, helpful customer service that’s easy to understand

We also offer “corporate-only” financing for those business owners who have been in business for over 5 years. Our process is simple and fast. If you’ve picked out your equipment already, we suggest you get pre-approved prior to signing any agreements with a vendor or making any type of deposit to a dealer or seller.

How to Get Your Heavy Equipment Financing ASAP

The easiest way to find out what you qualify for is to contact us online (click the button below) or call one of our advisers here: 1-888-565-6692.

They can spend a few minutes with you on the phone, inform you about the process, and tell you what you’re eligible for. Afterward, you’re able to start shopping for the right pieces of equipment.

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Keep Yourself Informed

Before you begin your financing journey, stay ahead of the game. Learn about how our bad credit business loans for heavy equipment financing can help you and your business. Click on one of our blogs and keep yourself informed.

Do You Have a Recent Bankruptcy, Repossession, or Tax Lien?

Even if you have had a bankruptcy recently discharged, we have programs tailored for clients with challenging credit. Our Asset-Based Direct Lease program makes it very simple to qualify and is specifically for business owners who have bad credit wanting to secure heavy equipment financing. Of course, there are times where business owners might not have a limited credit history or no credit at all – this is a great alternative program for them as well. We make sure to explore all the possibilities for securing bad credit business loans for our qualified customers. 

New/Used Equipment Eligible for Heavy Equipment Financing

This is not a complete list – if you don’t see your type of equipment listed, please just give our office a call. We offer bad credit business loans and financing on just about any type of heavy equipment. Any of our advisors can help guide you through our simple process and will go over the options that are best suited for your company.

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Good or bad credit financing for heavy equipment can keep your business on the go. Our bad credit business loans create a rare opportunity for your business to expand.


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Contact First Capital for Bad Credit Heavy Equipment Financing

Naturally, we know that it’s often frustrating and difficult to get the financing you need with bad credit. Now, you don’t have to worry about stress. If you’ve got bad credit and need bad credit business loans for heavy equipment financing, contact First Capital Business Finance today! Call us at 888-565-6692 or prequalify for your loan online. Get the heavy equipment you need for your business now.

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