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San Diego, CA, has a huge variety of businesses. At First Capital Business Finance, we’re proud to support San Diego businesses with flexible financing programs. Our semi truck financing helps manufacturers and transportation businesses grow. We provide equipment financing in San Diego, CA, for construction companies, research businesses, health care businesses, restaurants, and an endless number of other companies. San Diego has a flourishing economy. It’s considered one of the best cities in the United States to launch a startup or small business. That said, having access to flexible loans is important for nearly any business to thrive. When you have a financing company you can trust, it’s easier to increase the capabilities of your business and stay ahead of competitors. At First Capital Business Finance, you can discover low-interest business loans with excellent terms for your needs:

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Heavy Equipment Financing

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We Can Finance Your Construction Equipment With Bad Credit
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Services that we offer in San Diego, CA

We provide equipment financing solutions, commercial truck financing, and business loans for every industry, from parts manufacturers to landscaping businesses. We adapt to your company’s needs and help you get the right terms for your cash flow and business operations. Our team has extensive experience helping small businesses and large companies in San Diego, CA, get the equipment and capital needed to grow.

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Commercial Truck Financing in San Diego, CA

In San Diego, CA, transportation businesses operate in different ways. There are owner-operators, startups with a handful of drivers, and large-scale transportation businesses with dozens of semi-trucks. Some distributors and wholesalers operate their commercial trucks for distribution. At First Capital Business Finance, we provide a variety of commercial truck financing programs to fit your needs. These business-friendly loans cover vehicles ranging from box trucks and tow trucks to heavy-duty semi-trucks and refrigerated trailers. No CDL is required to apply.

Working Capital Business Loans in San Diego, CA

Every business needs a healthy cash flow, but maintaining it isn’t always easy. Our working capital business loans are popular because of how easy it is to qualify. You can get approved in 48 hours and receive funds in just five days. Good credit gives you access to our best interest rates, but we have plenty of comfortable financing options for companies with bad credit as well. These options include MCA financing, bridge loans, short-term lines of credit, and other working capital loans. These loans allow you to keep your business running smoothly, even in emergencies.

Heavy Equipment Financing in San Diego, CA

With the necessary heavy machinery or construction equipment, your company can take on larger jobs and generate increased profits. Our flexible heavy equipment financing options put virtually any business’s largest equipment types within reach. You can customize your down payment, interest rate, repayment terms, and monthly payment, so financing is comfortable for your company. Get equipment financing in San Diego, CA, for backhoes, bulldozers, boom trucks, drill rigs, excavators, skid loaders, tractors, compactors, and countless other heavy equipment types.

Medical Equipment Financing in San Diego, CA

Health care is a rapidly changing area of business. Doctors, dentists, orthodontists, cosmetic surgeons, chiropractors, and other health care professionals need state-of-the-art equipment to take care of their patients. Our medical equipment financing can help you upgrade your practice with high-tech treatment equipment, diagnostic systems, payment systems, patient furniture, and other items. That way, your business stands out for offering premier treatment options.

Construction Financing Made Easy

If you’ve been in the construction industry for any amount of time, you know the struggle of finding construction equipment financing. Construction equipment is not cheap, which makes it important to find the right finance business to provide you with help. We understand how difficult it is to find the right company to finance your construction equipment. That’s why First Capital Business Finance provides the help you need to get to you going with your construction.


Frequently Asked Questions About Equipment Financing San Diego, CA

Are you looking for equipment financing or commercial truck loans but don’t know what steps to take next? The FAQ about equipment financing in San Diego, CA, can help you find the answers you need to make a great decision:

We provide many programs for equipment financing, including loans and leases. These loans and leases have a wide variety of options for terms, and we can adapt them to your company’s credit score and cash flow. For example, some businesses prefer a larger down payment and lower monthly payment, while others want the lowest interest rate possible. Our financial advisors are happy to customize equipment financing and commercial truck financing to your needs.  

You can choose from many leasing programs to find one that suits your operations. We even have startup financing and bad credit financing options. Popular equipment leases include fair market value, dollar buyout, term residual, and 10–20% purchase leasing options. We also have sale-leaseback programs and equipment finance agreements (EFAs).

Generally speaking, our equipment financing in San Diego, CA, is application-only, meaning you don’t need to provide proof of income or other financial documents. The specific requirements depend on the amount of funding you require, the amount of time you have in business, and your credit rating. That said, all of our loans have a reputation of being easy to qualify for.  

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