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Storage Tank Financing

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Storage tank financing is available through First Capital Business Finance.

storage tank financing
If you run a gas station, convenience store, or truck stop, you need to store fuel to meet your customers’ demands. At First Capital Business Finance, we understand the importance of the right storage tank for a commercial client. We offer nationwide storage tank financing for new and used heavy equipment, and our experience in equipment financing makes us a clear choice for this service.

Managing Regulations

Ever-changing regulations for underground storage tanks can make it difficult to stay compliant while using the same tank. Your storage tanks must be modern, adhere to the latest safety codes, and meet specifications related to their load, vacuum, and pressure capabilities. 

Your business must comply with these regulations to avoid fines and increased storage and leak insurance premiums. When you need a new or replacement tank, our financial professionals can help you get quick financing for it.

Storage Tank Financing

Programs & Terms

We offer many leasing products, but we don’t just serve business owners with “A” credit ratings. We can also help credit-challenged business owners get loans. Most of our leasing programs offer little or no down payment options, and terms range from 24 months to 84 months. We understand some business owners might struggle to obtain financing through traditional means (like through their bank or credit union). That’s where we shine because we are the premier alternative solution for financing businesses. We also offer asset-based financing for the more credit-challenged businesses. Here are some highlights of our asset-based program:
  • We help start-ups.
  • You may get approval even if you are one day out of bankruptcy.
  • We do not require tax returns or financial statements.
  • You may get loan approval with average to bad credit.
  • You may get approved for a loan even if you have repossessions and late payments on your record.
Regardless of the storage tank usage, you can count on us to provide equipment financing options that work with your business and budget. Again, many of our programs require little to no down payment, and the terms are flexible.
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Our Asset-Based Program Allows:

  • Start-Ups – OK
  • 1 Day Out of Bankruptcy – OK
  • Does Not Require Tax Returns or Financials
  • Average to Bad Credit – OK
  • Repossessions & Late Payments – OK
Storage Tank Financing


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You need it, we finance it! If you don’t see your equipment listed, call us at 888-565-6692!

Whether you are looking to finance a vertical, portable, horizontal, or electronically heated storage tank, we can assist your company by providing a business loan under favorable terms. We have helpful financial professionals who can get your business loan approved quickly and efficiently. By providing financing for this vital service in the gas and oil industry, we can help clients get up and running with their storage tanks as soon as possible.

To learn more about our financing programs, call us at 888-565-6692. Once you talk to us, we’ll review your financial information and get you qualified for storage tank financing that works best for your business.

Same Day Loan Approval