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Wash Plant Financing

Are you a small mining operation or a weekend warrior?

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First Capital Business Finance offers the best wash plant financing for mining equipment.

Mining equipment can be a huge investment, but financing it can be helpful if you are tight on cash. Even though there was a drop in value in gold, it still has entrepreneurs and hobbyists clamoring to get their share. All the recent reality shows, it has America excited about mining for gold. This like any business can be very costly, so some startups are known to fabricate their own mini wash plants and trommels until they can afford to buy a more professionally made setup. If you’re just getting into this hobby, you probably didn’t realize all the different strategies you can process material. If you’re on a very limited budget you’ll be starting with a very basic setup like a pan, a shovel, and a mini sluice box. A basic setup like this can cost you around $100 which is perfect for someone just getting into the hobby.
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Moving up to larger mining equipment

Are you ready to make that move and invest in some equipment that can process more material? Maybe you’re looking to purchase a mini trommel wash plant which can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. If you don’t have the capital to invest in this upgrade, what are your other options?

  • You can keep mining with your existing setup until you’ve processed enough gold to pay for the new setup
  • You can speak to one of our finance managers to see if you are eligible to finance your new setup

Usually, this is where we’ve seen the request for financing from both the hobbyist and mining business owners.

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What type of financing is available for mining equipment?

First Capital Business Finance offers 2 to 7-year terms, and we have programs that can finance up to $5 million dollar transactions and as little as $500. Even if you’re that hobbyist thinking about turning this into a side business we have programs available for start-ups. Are you concerned about having bad credit? Don’t be too concerned, we have programs for people that have challenging credit.

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How to get started

Give us a call, and one of our finance managers will be able to walk you through the process. Typically all that is needed is a one-page application, however, if you’re looking to finance a more costly and larger setup, there will be more items needed.

Same Day Loan Approval