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Financing Programs for Pressure Washing Equipment 2024

Elevate Your Pressure Washing Business with First Capital’s Specialized Financing Solutions by accessing a range of financial options meticulously crafted to propel your cleaning ventures to new heights. In the dynamic industry of pressure washing, having cutting-edge equipment is essential for delivering top-notch results and staying competitive. Our financing solutions are specifically designed to empower your business with the resources needed to invest in advanced pressure washing equipment, ensuring that you not only meet industry standards but surpass them.

At First Capital, we understand the unique challenges faced by pressure washing businesses, and our specialized financing solutions aim to bridge the gap between efficiency and affordability. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing equipment, expand your services, or invest in the latest technology, our tailored financial packages cater to your individual business needs. Experience the advantage of working with a financing partner that comprehends the demands of your industry and is dedicated to supporting your journey towards elevated cleaning performance. Choose First Capital and take the first step towards achieving new heights of success in your pressure washing business.

House Pressure Washing

We are committed to making sure you get the best financing solution for your pressure washing business.

When opening a new business or maintaining your existing business that might require a pressure washer, jetter, trailer or even a vehicle, we have a wide variety of programs that can assist you with the best programs for financing. Whether you have good or bad credit, we have financing programs that can accommodate most business owners. There are quite a few industries who use pressure washers, here are just a few that might apply to you:

  • Roof pressure washing
  • Sidewalk & driveway pressure washing
  • Siding pressure washing
  • Fence & gate pressure washing
  • Vinyl siding or fence pressure washing
  • Auto detailing
  • Plumbing & drain clean-out
Commercial Pressure Washing Tools Commercial Vehicles & Trailers Pressure Washing Equipment Financing

Pressure Washing Equipment Financing Programs for Everyone

  • Programs suitable for start-ups and established businesses
  • Saves you time and money
  • Programs for every credit score
No matter your credit score, we are here to help you. First Capital offers equipment financing for specialty contractors – from excellent credit to bad credit. Even if you have a recent bankruptcy or any issues on your credit report, we have a wide selection of programs that are designed to fit your credit and your business. First Capital can easily find the best program for you that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our programs are designed to help you get the equipment you need easily – and FAST. Whether it’s an emergency replacement for equipment that failed or necessary upgrades, First Capital has your back.

Are you lacking pressure? 

Is your pressure washing equipment dated, lacking the performance or pressure needed for the type of work you are providing? You should be able to rely on your equipment so you can keep providing excellent service without interruption. Getting the equipment, you need to do that is essential to running a successful pressure washing business, whether you’re upgrading to meet increased demand, rushing towards your grand opening, or replacing old equipment. You can’t afford to be slowed down by high equipment costs, which is why you should call First Capital Business Finance at 888-565-6692! Our affordable, flexible programs are perfect for any business owner.
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Benefits of Pressure Washing Equipment Financing with First Capital Business Finance

  • Fast Credit Decisions (Same-Day Approvals)
  • Get Your Equipment NOW; Pay Over Time
  • Financing for Start-ups and Established Businesses
  • Affordable Monthly Payments Up to 60 Months
  • We Consider Everyone (even bad credit)
  • Get New or Used Equipment
  • Replace Old, Obsolete Technology, for Newer & Faster

Eligible Pressure Washing Equipment (New or Used)

If you don’t see your equipment listed, don’t worry! We most likely finance what you need – simply give us a call at 888-565-6692 and we’ll let you know!

Our equipment financing offers you the ability to grow your business faster, get what you need to succeed, and increase profits!

Commercial Pressure Washing Tools and Equipment

These are absolutely essential items, especially if your business requires you to be mobile. Don’t let their price tag hold you back. We can help.

  • Commercial pressure washers
  • Medium & light-duty trailers
  • Medium & light-duty trucks
  • Sprinter vans
  • Truck-mounted pressure washers
  • 2-Wheel & 4-Wheel pressure washers
  • Surface & undercarriage cleaners
  • Water recovery systems
  • Rain gutter vacuum systems
  • Ladders & Boom lifts
Commercial Pressure Washing Tools Commercial Vehicles & Trailers Pressure Washing Equipment Financing
Commercial Vehicles & Trailers Pressure Washing Equipment Financing

Commercial Vehicles & Trailers

Keeping your pressure washing equipment safe and mobile – is the utmost priority.

Depending on the type of jobs you’re doing, it will determine the amount of power needed when buying your pressure washing equipment. The price tags can sometimes scare business owners away from securing the right equipment best suited for their business. The number of selections out there – 2-wheeled, 4-wheeled, truck-mounted – can also be overwhelming. Whether you need new or used equipment, we’re here to help you get it.


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You need it, we finance it! If you don’t see your equipment listed, call us at 888-565-6692!

These are just to name a few. If you don’t see your type of equipment listed, simply give our office a call. We offer financing on just about any type of equipment if it’s related to your business.

Ready to Revitalize Your Pressure Washing Business?

Seize the Opportunity with First Capital’s Pressure Washing Equipment Financing. Apply Now and Experience the Difference of Partnering with a Financing Solution that Understands the Demands of Your Industry. Your Journey to Elevated Cleaning Performance Starts Here with First Capital.

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