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Carpet Cleaning Equipment Financing 2024

Welcome to First Capital’s Carpet Cleaning Equipment Financing – where your business’s cleanliness meets financial flexibility. We understand the crucial role specialized equipment plays in the carpet cleaning industry, and we’re here to support your growth. Our financing solutions are tailored to provide carpet cleaning businesses with the means to acquire state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring efficiency and excellence in service. Whether you’re a startup looking to invest in your first set of equipment or an established business seeking an upgrade, First Capital is your trusted partner in making your carpet cleaning operations shine.

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Carpet cleaning equipment financing is one of our specialties at First Capital Business Finance. We understand the unique challenges the industry poses and offer a wide variety of financing programs to suit your needs. With First Capital, you can get financing no matter if you have excellent credit, bad credit, or even previous bankruptcy. We know there’s so much more to your business than a credit score, which is why we offer bad credit business loans and bad credit equipment financing.

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Carpet Cleaning Equipment Financing for Your Business

First Capital Business Finance is accommodating. Whether you’re looking for the newest industry tool or you prefer something a bit older and used, we can finance it for you, regardless of the make, model, or year.

Looking for truck-mounted or portable carpet cleaners? We finance both of those, too!

Check out some sample packages here.

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Payments & Terms

Example A: Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning $5,000

  • 5 Years’ Time in Business, Excellent Credit, Good Business Credit
  • Zero Down, 1st & Last Months Payments Due at Closing
  • 36 months: $165
  • 48 months: $125
  • 60 months: $105

Example B: Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning $5,000

  • Startup Business, Average Credit, No Business Credit
  • Zero Down, 1st & Last Months Payments Due at Closing
  • 36 months: $200
  • 48 months: $165
  • 60 months: $145

Example C: Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning $5,000 

  • Startup Business, Less than Average Credit, No Business Credit
  • Zero Down, 1st & Last Months Payments Due at Closing
  • 36 months: $239
  • 48 months: $195
  • 60 months: $189

Example D: Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning $5,000

  • Anytime in Business, Poor Credit, No Business Credit, Income Qualifications
  • 10% Deposit Due at Closing
  • 36 months: $275
  • 42 months: $230
  • 60 months: $NA

For larger dollar amounts, please call 888-565-6692 and speak to one of our advisers!


What Our Customers Say

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First Capital helps you finance the tools you need for your business.

If you’re in need of carpet cleaning equipment financing, First Capital Business Finance can help you. With programs for all types of credit – from excellent to terrible, even with previous bankruptcy – we can find financing that works for you. Our team is ready to help you secure the tools you need to succeed in your business. Contact us today online or at 888-565-6692 and get approved fast – as soon as the same day in some cases!

Ready to elevate your carpet cleaning business to new heights?

Seize the opportunity with First Capital’s Carpet Cleaning Equipment Financing. Our application process is swift and hassle-free, designed to accommodate the unique needs of carpet cleaning entrepreneurs. From powerful extraction machines to cutting-edge steam cleaners, we’ve got you covered. Don’t let financial barriers hold you back – apply now and experience the difference of partnering with a financing solution that understands the cleaning industry. Your journey to superior carpet cleaning starts here with First Capital.

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