Kiosk POS Technology Takes Restaurants to the Next Level

Financing for restaurant POS kiosk

Your restaurant is doing well but you’ve been wondering about ways to take your eatery to the next level. “Is there some new tech out there can really help my business? And could I afford it through restaurant equipment financing?” If you’ve been wanting to up your restaurant game and boost business, read on to learn […]

Allowing your employees to use their cell phones at work

Allowing your employees to use their cell phone at work

  Should you allow cell phones usage in the workplace? The mobile phone is today an important item for the modern man. We put a lot of importance on our hand held phones due to the many important benefits they offer. Today’s phones are not only used to receive and make calls. Mobile phones are […]

How Much Has The Smart Phone Improved Your Productivity?

Smartphone Financing

  Has the smartphone made us more productive? The smartphone is a technology that has taken people by storm, changing the way they carry out their day-to-day activities. Walking down the street of any modern city, you will find a great portion of the people will be either talking on the phone or punching something […]

What Would You Do If All Technology Were Halted?

Technology Were Halted

No phone, no email, nothing… There was a television commercial that aired in the mid nineties that did a pretty good job of answering this question. It involved a business owner of a mid-sized company talking to his sales staff and lamenting the fact that they were slowly losing business. In his conversation with them, […]

Harness the Power of Technology

Finance Tablets with Bad Credit

How Tablets Have Reshaped Business In the last decade or so, the world has seen how technology has completely changed the way we do business. Probably the biggest game changer of them all is the tablet. In a study made by Business Insider published in 2013, 1 in every 17 people currently uses a tablet. […]

Technology Can Hurt Your Business

Technology Can Hurt Your Business

Is your company too advanced with technology for its own good? The truth is, all businesses need technology in order to compete in today’s competitive climate. Technology is ever-evolving and every day we are seeing with our own eyes how yesterday’s technology seems like it was so long ago. Yes, I know I had a […]

Personal Use of Work Computers: Good or Bad?

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Do you allow your employees personal use of work computers? Some workplaces have learned the financial cost associated with allowing their staff to access the internet. And some companies have figured out by not allowing access to the internet, it, too, can have a financial risk to the bottom line. There is software out there […]