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What Could You Outsource?

What Could You Outsource
If you are a small business owner its very possible that you are burning the candle at both ends.  Studies have proven that in the first ten years following start-ups, small business owners are some of the hardest working people in the nation.  You are also likely to be a person who finds it difficult to trust others with “your baby.”  After all, you have your blood, sweat, tears and your money wrapped up in your dream.

But maybe its time to begin outsourcing things that others can do in order for you to do what others cannot do: sell your dream, your vision and your products.  Put another way the question is: “When do you know when it’s time to outsource?  The answer is “When you don’t have time to do the things that are your and yours alone expertise.”   Or perhaps you can look back and see periods of momentum in your business and realize it was in those fruitful times that you were really doing what you enjoyed doing.

So what happened? You are now doing stuff that you hate, or that you have no talent to really do and the spark of your business has faded because you don’t have the time to keep the flame burning.  Stop and think of some of the things you really could outsource:

·     Sales – It takes a very special person to really sell.  Did you know that almost 90% of all sales persons have never asked for one sale? The reason?  Fear.  But you aren’t a sales person…you are the idea person, the designer, the fix it person.

·     Leads generation – There are plenty of people who can supply you leads in your area of business.  Are you spending a lot of time just trying to find new customers?  Why not outsource it?

·     Human Resources – From payroll to taxes to training to safety awareness and health insurance, why are you spending your time thinking about, contemplating, and yes, doing these things?

·     Social media – Hey, if you don’t have presence on a number of sites like Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter are you going to spend late nights fumbling through all those places figuring out what to say and how to say it?

Many bloggers have identified over 200 activities that small business owners could outsource.  These four have only scratched the surface.  But if they have piqued your thought process, how will you pay for them, especially if you are a brand new business with less than a year’s experience?

Let the professionals at First Capital Business Finance show you how they can help you get back to what you really love to do.  It’s that passion you had at the beginning that’s the reason why you started your business. Consider these advantages of a loan with FCBF:

  • Perfect credit not needed and often no tax returns required either!
  • No mounds of paperwork!
  • Fast credit approval
  • 2-5 year loans
  • Many more advantages
Give us a call and get some of the load off your back by outsourcing starting today.  Regain that momentum and passion only you as the business owner can have!
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