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How Much Has The Smart Phone Improved Your Productivity?

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Has the smartphone made us more productive?

The smartphone is a technology that has taken people by storm, changing the way they carry out their day-to-day activities. Walking down the street of any modern city, you will find a great portion of the people will be either talking on the phone or punching something into this amazing innovation. When Steve Jobs reinvented the smartphone, he definitely had great dreams for the gadget. He must have been sure that his innovative creation would bring positive growth for mankind. Is this the case today?

Today we are using the mobile phone for almost everything that the PC provided. Apart from the basic functionalities of a phone of calling and receiving calls, the phone is today used to send and receive email and to browse the internet. There are thousands of applications that are supported by the smartphone that are now integrated into our daily lives. These include social media applications, photo-sharing applications, time management applications, messaging applications, game applications, accounting applications, and many other applications that have made the smartphone to be viewed as an absolute necessity by many tech savvy individuals.

Employees are today conveniently carrying out their duties away from the office thanks to the abilities of the modern mobile phones. An urgent email from an important client will be replied within the shortest amount of time. The managers today can receive updates of ongoing transactions in the middle of the night while in the warm comforts of their beds. Smartphones have made it virtually possible to work 24 hours of every day of the year.

Individuals usually use the smartphone to do office work while away from the office and they perceive this as being more productive. On the surface, this is very reasonable reasoning since by doing this one converts down time to active time. Organizations are seen to be taking advantage of smartphones in an effort to become more productive. Managers can get work done by communicating via emails at odd hours and employees can send results at any time of the day or night.

However, studies have shown that this unconventional way of working tends to become a habit and the individuals doing it are not able to control themselves after getting “hooked” to the habit. An employee will inadvertently answer a long email while on a date and in the process she/ he will sabotage the date. Employees will quickly answer emails while attending training sessions and the short time they take to answer the email, they will miss some important points that are essential to their work.

When the smartphone is used to carry out work related responsibilities at times when the individual should be attending to other vital activities, it will compromise the quality of both activities. For example, you cannot hold a good conversation while answering chat messages on your phone, both activities will suffer due to the divided attention. At the end of the day, use of smartphones at inappropriate times may bring more output but mediocre quality.


How Much Has The Smart Phone Improved Your Productivity?

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