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Hiring Employees Is Like Picking Teammates For Dodge Ball In Grade School

Hiring Employees

Hire wisely, make sure they will be a perfect fit for your team!

Chances are if you are running your own business, you probably were the team captain of dodge ball in grade school. Just like picking your teammates for dodge ball, you will be doing the same when hiring employees. If you want to be the undefeated dodge ball team, then you need to make sure your team is well balanced. That means, you need pick the team members that all have special talents. Some kids might be excellent at jumping, diving and quick on their feet to avoid the balls. Where as some kids might have the ability to throw the balls super fast. Some kids might be able to throw the ball a little slower but with incredible accuracy. Then lastly, you have the kids who are able to catch the balls that are being thrown at them, even at insane 4th grader speeds.

Are you hiring the right teammates?

Just like building your dodge ball team, you need to make sure you hire staff that has talents in different areas. What does that mean?  If you want a successful company, you need to hire wisely. Depending on your business, you’ll want to look for different skills that stand out from the people whom you are hiring. For example, lets say your own an auto body shop. There will be a mix of employees that will need to excel in specific skills. More than likely you will want someone who can give accurate estimates. This person needs to know the cost of everything, from the parts and the amount of time it’ll take to repair the vehicle. This person is also should be very friendly and be able to communicate to the customer in a professional manner. You can have the best estimator that will be able to budget for every part, but if this person doesn’t have customer service skills you might lose the customer. The next person on the list might be someone who specializes in bodywork. Maybe you’ll need someone who specializes in electrical. One of the most important positions might be a bookkeeper. So you kind of get the point with this simple example. Hiring your staff will determine the success of your company.

How to hire the right teammates

 The first thing you should do is jot down a list of all the different positions that’ll be needed for your business. If your company has limited working capital, you should consider combining some of the positions whenever it’s possible. This will keep the cost down, and will help those smaller size businesses. From that list, you will need to come up with the specific skills these positions require. Some of these skills may require someone who has education some might require experience and some might require both. Don’t forget, you can hire staff with all the skills you need, but if they don’t have the right personality it can only lead to headaches and possibly cost your business money. This is just like picking teammates; make sure the staff you hire can work cohesively. It only takes one bad apple to hold back your company from succeeding, so pick wisely. Now that you have the list of positions and the required skills for these positions, you’ll need to figure out what is the going rate for these positions. The best way to make sure you’re offering the right salary is to look and call around other companies to see what they are offering for these or similar positions. This will require some balancing, you wont want to offer too little as this might only attract a lower quality work force. But then you also don’t want to offer too much, that will only be unnecessary spending. Of course you can pay higher than normal salaries to attract the best applicants, but if you have a limited budget that’ll mean you’ll need to get a working capital loan to hire those type of employees. That might not be the best solution especially in the beginning of your business. Hopefully this gives you an idea on how to hire the right staff. Good luck with picking your new teammates!

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