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How Tablets Have Reshaped Business

In the last decade or so, the world has seen how technology has completely changed the way we do business. Probably the biggest game changer of them all is the tablet. In a study made by Business Insider published in 2013, 1 in every 17 people currently uses a tablet. The numbers are not as big as smartphone ownership (1 in every 2 people), but tablet users are more active online. Considering that the first iPad was released in April 2010, the growth is indeed phenomenal. In what ways have tablets changed the business landscape?

Tablets Users are Now More Mobile

For employees who need to work on the road, the tablet makes traveling easier than lugging around a laptop. Lighter and easier to use, it can pretty much do anything that its big brother laptop can. Not to mention that it’s cheaper too. Sales people no longer lug around sales catalogs. Instead, they just break out their tablets to answer their client queries. Presentations are now done with tablets, and more and more restaurants use tablets to display their menu and wine lists. Even professionals like doctors and lawyers are using them to store their database information.

Change in Shopping Habits

Because it’s easier to shop using a tablet than a smartphone, e-commerce is on the rise. Shoppers react faster to advertisements and suggestions, which result in more impulse buying. With just one swipe, a buyer becomes the owner in just seconds. Online sales are now higher than ever and shoppers would rather sit and shop than walk around stores.

Change in the Way Business is Done

Because buyers have migrated to the internet, the traditional brick-and-mortar business has become much more challenging. Who can blame them when there is virtually no limit to the e-real estate environment. Woolworths for example, moved from the UK high street to the information highway. Soon, malls and stores as we know them will no longer exist. Amazon has become the new “hangout”.

Online Content has Also Changed

Access to internet using a tablet is largely done by swiping, pinching and pulling the pages. Thus, the viewing habits of tablet users are different from that of users using the desktop, laptop or smartphone. Website developers had to change the way they present their content to attract tablet users. It’s no longer possible to ignore the tablet phenomenon. Small businesses in particular, should take steps to incorporate them when planning the startup and growth of their business. If cost is an issue, First Capital Business Finance offers loans to finance the purchase of tablets. They offer flexible payment terms and you will receive assistance throughout the application process. At the same time, they are sensitive to the needs of their clients and specialize in dealing with all types of credit situations. Taking out a loan from First Capital Business Finance is much more flexible than the traditional bank loan and if you want to know more about the loan process, call them at 888-565-6692.
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