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Allowing your employees to use their cell phones at work

Allowing your employees to use their cell phone at work

Should you allow cell phones usage in the workplace?

The mobile phone is today an important item for the modern man. We put a lot of importance on our hand held phones due to the many important benefits they offer. Today’s phones are not only used to receive and make calls. Mobile phones are now used for sending text messages, sending emails, updating social media sites, taking photos, playing games, and accessing many other applications. As such, the use of phones has really increased. The use of phone has increased so much such that people are using them more often in the workplace. The question is; should employees be allowed to use their phones in the workplace.

The obvious reasoning for any employer would be that the employee eats up working time when using the phone. The employee gets paid for the hours that they are in the workplace and using the phone to do anything will eat into the time that the employer is paying for; unless of course if the phone is being used for purposes that are profitable for the company. This major factor has led many companies to lay down strict phone policies in the workplace.

It is unfair and unreasonable to spend any time at the workplace to make social calls or to answer any family calls that are not emergencies. Any of such calls should be made during breaks. Playing games, updating social media sites, sending text messages that are not due to an emergency is also an act of disrespect to the workplace.

When one is using the phone, they will direct a lot of attention to the phone and any other activity that they were doing will receive less attention. Use of mobile phones in dangerous work environments is prohibited. For example, drivers are not supposed to use the mobile phone at any time when they are driving. The use of mobile phones while driving is in some countries regarded in the same light as drunk driving.

If you are working in a dangerous environment such as in a productions factory where there are all kinds of machines, phones are highly prohibited. You are also not supposed to carry a phone into a plant where dangerous chemicals are mixed or stored. A phone brought into such a place might cause accidents that might prove fatal.

While in the workplace, one should apply commonsense on how to use the phone. For example, the phone should be muted and preferably be kept in vibrate mode. This is important so as not to be a nuisance to other workers with loud annoying ring tones. If you have to receive a phone call in the work place, be sure to speak in low tones and not to speak in a loud voice disturbing the other workers.

When using the phone, courtesy and respect for the other people should be observed. Do not use abusive, discriminatory, insensitive, abusive, or vulgar language. If you are using a phone provided by your employer, be sure to use it only for work-related matters and do not mix its use with social calls and messaging.

Mobile phones with cameras should be used wisely in the workplace. Any place where the traditional camera was redistricted should also have restrictions for the mobile phone.

Cell Phones At Work

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